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Scarlet and the Sheriff - by Carly Carson
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Category: Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $6.50
Our Cover Price: $3.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Tory "Scarlet" Monroe has had a lot of practice in the fine art of running away, but this time, she's stopped short in the small town of Lovestruck, Tennessee. She was just trying to cool off, honest she was, so why does everyone think she flashed that oncoming truck on purpose? Not her fault if the trucker can't stay in his lane and stare at her 38Cs at the same time. Sheriff Rand Hart traded big city police work for the calm and easy beat of his small home town.

When Scarlet arrives like a hurricane, there goes his quiet life and his peace of mind. But he's no fool. He knows she's lying, and he's bound to find out why. And he's not too dainty to use those handcuffs in ways they never taught at the police academy. Now Scarlet is wanted by the law. And the law always gets what he wants.

To My Readers: Watch the hunky Sheriff try to subdue a naughty Scarlet, who’s woven a web she can’t escape and may not want to.

ISBN: 9781603102223 1603102221 Publication Date: 09/01/2008




Victoria Monroe has spent her whole life moving on, so when she catches her fiancé cheating on her she doesn’t think twice she just hightails it out of town. Getting caught in Love struck Tennessee without a car or money isn’t in the plan, neither is the hunky sheriff who makes her want things she shouldn’t. But if Tory thought giving the sheriff a false name was the worst of her crimes she’s in for a shock when her ex has warrants for her arrest issued. Rand Hart knows Scarlet is lying, and with her caught in his town without transport he’ll be keeping a close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t get into anymore trouble. It has nothing to do with the trouble he’d like to get into with her, but if the only way to keep her on the straight and narrow is to give her something to make trouble with then he’ll lay his body on the line, all in the name of duty or course. Can Rand convince Scarlet he’s worth staying for before she goes on the run again? Scarlet And The Sheriff by Carly Carson is a fun, sexy read.

I loved Scarlet, watching her talk her way out of one tight spot after another had me smiling and eagerly turning pages to see what trouble she’d get into next. Rand is one hunky sheriff and if you’re going to be stuck in a town without a way to leave you want one just like him to help you out. They spark off each other from the beginning and once things started heating up there was no stopping them. The sex is hot but also emotional, the feelings and trust weaved in to each word and gesture. Ms. Carson’s voice is light and flirty and I really enjoyed taking time out to read Scarlet And The Sheriff. She delivers an entertaining read, one well worth spending your money on.

Reviewed by: Rachel C. FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS



Title: Scarlet and the Sheriff

Author: Carly Carson

Rating: 5 Blue Ribbons blueribbontitle.jpg

Tory, a.k.a. Scarlet, never intended to be stranded in Lovestruck, Tennessee but spending a little umm, quality time with the town sheriff is the perfect distraction. That is until he takes her in hand and shows her just what she’ll be missing if she leaves. Tory Monroe never intended to stop over in Lovestruck, Tennessee. It was just her dumb luck that her attempts at cooling down result in her flashing an oncoming truck driver and he apparently couldn’t oogle her and drive at the same time. The pile up of cars means the sheriff has to get involved and the last thing Tory wants is to answer a bunch of questions when she’s trying to get as far away from her ex-fianc as possible.

Sheriff Rand Hart can’t help but be enchanted with the young woman causing such havoc in his small law abiding town. Her car is registered in her ex-fiancé’s name and she doesn’t have any identification that coincides with the name she’s given and even though she’s clearly at fault in the traffic accident she still manages to turn it around so that the fault lies elsewhere. When the sheriff asks Tory her name she claims that it’s Victoria Scarlet. She’s always wanted to be Ms. Scarlet and she won’t be in this small town long enough for anyone to learn any different. Unfortunately it’s a holiday weekend and it’s going to be several days before her car can be repaired. The last thing she wants to be is stuck in this town with the utterly desirable sheriff. The whole time he was questioning her in his office she delighted in antagonizing him with her attitude and sexual innuendoes but she hadn’t expected to be without a car or money and at his mercy. Fortunately Rand takes a special interest in Victoria, a.k.a. Scarlet, and decides to keep an eye on her as well as a few others um, body parts. What seems like just a friendly overture may have worried Tory if she had been aware that her ex-fiancé has a warrant out for her arrest for the theft of the engagement ring, which he’d given her. Can Tory trust Rand with the truth about what happened with her ex or will she run from the one man who may be able to help her?

SCARLET AND THE SHERIFF captured my attention from the very first page and never ceased to amuse me throughout the entire storyline. Tory’s off the cuff comments and unexpected actions had me giggling as I eagerly anticipated Randïs reactions. I have to tell you for an upstanding sheriff he’s full of surprises and definitely not lacking in creative ways to seduce Tory. The way they interact with each other had me snickering one minute and hot and bothered the next. Carly Carson has definitely proven herself a noteworthy author in my opinion and I’ll certainly be on the lookout for more of her stories.

~~Chrissy Dionne ~ ROMANCE JUNKIES

Scarlett and the Sheriff  Carly Carlson

5 Stars star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

The setting is Lovestruck, TN, and the sheriff’s name is Hart. That alone should give you some insight into Scarlett and the Sheriff. Carly Carson writes with a mixture of humor and romance. On the run from her fiancé, Tori had hoped to be miles down the road instead of stuck in Lovestruck, She was involved in a traffic accident when she’d flashed a passing truck. He’d lost control and rammed her Civic. Thoughts of sexy Victoria Scarlett had plagued him ever since he’d met her.

It was just his luck that she was wanted by the law. Hot, steamy, action-packed, and hilarious describes Scarlett and the Sheriff. The plot is entertaining. The lead characters are appealing. Fans of romantic will enjoy Scarlett and the Sheriff.

~~Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com

Scarlet and the Sheriff is a wonderful romance full of passion and great characters that you won’t want to miss. Fleeing from a cheating fiancé, Victoria Scarlet Monroe (AKA Tory) finds herself stuck in the small town of Lovestruck. Sheriff Rand Hart is attracted to the whirlwind that has turned his quiet town upside-down, but he faces a dilemma when he learns of an arrest warrant for Tory courtesy of her ex. Despite this Rand cannot help but act on the attraction that sizzles between him and Tory, but they have a lot to figure out before they can move forward.

What I really enjoyed most about this story are the characters of Rand and Tory and their steamy romance. Tory is a charming character full of sass and determination. Deeply affected by her childhood and the events with her ex, Tory finds it difficult to trust anyone which causes some problems for her and Rand. Lately she has faced a string of bad luck, but she seems to handle it quite well. As for Rand, he’s strong character who knows what he wants and is determined to get it.

I admired the confidence and strength that he demonstrates throughout the story. I really enjoyed their relationship and loved the flirtation and innuendo that takes place between the two as they banter with each other. They share an obvious chemistry which leads to a scorching romance and some very steamy encounters. With Rand and Tory, the author has created two strong-willed individuals who are perfect for one another. If you are looking for a fast-paced and entertaining read with feisty characters, then I recommend you check out Scarlet and the Sheriff.

~~ Jennifer's Random Musings Reviews

SCARLET AND THE SHERIFF Carly Carson Ultimate Romance (Contemporary) Tory Monroe was running as fast as she could from a really bad situation. She had caught her fiancée screwing someone on the dock of their home outside of Nashville, just this morning. Now, he was her ex-fiancée and she wanted to get as far away from him as she could. She was sweating away in her little car when she had the bright idea to lift her shirt and try to create a breeze. The next thing she knew, there was a large crash and she was in the middle of a four-car pile-up. The cutie in the white truck must had seen her flash and caused the wreck. Before long, she found herself sitting in front of the hot ass sheriff of this town explaining herself. Never one to back down, she brazens it out and puts her best flirt forward. One thing leads to the next and Tori is Victoria Scarlet and is actually having a bit of a fling with the sexy sheriff. However, there is nothing light and frivolous about a man like Rand Hart. When she feels that she is getting in over her head, she does what she has been taught to do - she runs. Unfortunately, trouble follows and Rand comes to the rescue. Can she end her running streak and stay with Rand? Well, I won't tell. You will just have to read this sexy little tale and find out. Fun, flirtatious, and sexy - SCARLET AND THE SHERIFF has plenty of it in spades. A sassy-mouthed woman and a dominate male are the perfect pairing for some seriously sexy encounters. There is something to be said for a man in uniform! The plot is a little too good to be true, but there is nothing wrong with some fantasy! This is a short story, but it packs a lot of all the right ingredients. If you are looking for a fast and witty read, this is one ultimate romance for you!

Rating: 4 ~~Thia McClain ~ Ultimate Romance Coordinator

Title: Scarlet and the Sheriff

Author: Carly Carson

Scarlet has a great attitude despite being dumped. She embraces her sexuality and takes what she wants. Rand is a typical alpha male and is fun to read. He matches Scarlet sexually.... The sex has a little of everything, so no matter what you like you will find it in this book. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon.

~Heather Nestorick ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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