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Sculpting David - by Nya Rawlyns
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Category: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $5.49
Our Cover Price: $3.49
Available Format: eBook  
Description: David Michaels, heir to an artistic legacy – his parents,  Adrian Michaels, premier sculptor, and Elena Stefanova, patrician Russian impressionist – breaks away to start a Gallery in the shark infested waters of NYC’s art world.  David and his General Manager/mistress, Janet, approach Jacqueline Maurer, the talented daughter of Adrian's archrival, to showcase the Gallery’s opening salvo.  Jackie will not disrespect her Papa, the redoubtable Jacques Maurer, and declines.

David pursues Jacqueline using a fake identity and masquerading as a fellow student.  Intent on pressing his case, he loses himself in his art and the incomparable talent of his prey.  David volunteers to model in her oils class, leaving nothing to chance and nothing to the imagination.

Jacqueline has complications of her own – a relationship with her swimming coach – and a plea from Jacques to come home to Paris to work in his studio.  Torn between opposing factions and unsure of her heart, Jacqueline embraces her dark yearnings to produce the image that will ultimately captivate David.
Elena Stefanova must enter stage left to manipulate the warring muses, star crossed lovers and irascible enemies.  Romance smiles wisely as David’s creation, The Raging Bull, pulls free of its confines.

To My Readers:
New York City has been a travel destination since I was a very young girl.  Enamored of theatre and the arts in general from an early age, NYC became my mecca for all that was glamorous and sophisticated, yet approachable.  I live a mere 70 miles from the heart of the theatre district.  Broadway beckons several times a year and I do admit to indulging my passion at every opportunity.   My circle of friends, local and international (through the miracle of the internet, FaceBook in particular) include a strong contingent of incredibly gifted artists: illustrators, painters, sculptors, photographers and authors.  Sculpting David is a homage to those quirky souls who bring such joy and passion to my, and others’ lives.

ISBN: 9781603105989 1603105980 Publication Date: 02/2011
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