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Secrets Volume 31 ~ Fantasies Fulfilled Print - by Alice Gaines, Leigh Court, Jennifer Probst, Anne Raine
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Category: Contemporary Erotica, Light Bondage, Spanking, Historical Victorian England, Lessons in how a woman can pleasure herself.
Length: Novel+
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
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The Disciplinarian’s Daughter by Leigh Court

Only virgins need apply…
20-year-old Amelia Ashworth is desperate to get away from her miserable home life and the cold, domineering aunt and uncle who took her in after her parents died. But to do that, Amelia needs a job. And as a proper lady, she has no work experience. So when she reads an ad to take part in a ‘scientific study of virgins,’ the incredible five-thousand pound fee it offers seems like the answer to her prayers…
Trevor Markham knows the scandalous scientific study he’s planned will outrage society, but he firmly believes it will ultimately benefit Victorian women. He just never expected the virgin who responded to his ad to be such a beautiful temptation. As he struggles to hold the line between his professional conduct and his growing personal feelings, nothing can prepare him for the shocking discovery of the true identity of his perfect virgin…
Reader Alert!
Little did innocent Amelia Ashworth realize when she responded to an ad for a ‘scientific study of virgins’ that the so-called study would entail experimenting with erotic toys and techniques to discover how a woman could pleasure herself in sexually-repressed Victorian England. Or how much she’d enjoy her lessons at the hands of Dr. Trevor Markham!
To My Readers:
This story is for all the wonderful Red Sage readers who wrote or e-mailed me after reading The Disciplinarian in Secrets, Volume 15, demanding more of Jared and Clarissa’s story. I hope you enjoy their daughter Amelia’s tale!
Labyrinth by Alice Gaines
Kate Walker has been fascinated with reclusive billionaire Deimos Rowland since her early twenties. When rumors surface of his exotic sexual tastes, she becomes even more intrigued. Finally, a drunken former lover of Rowland’s gives Kate the clue to where she can find the man she’s lusted after from a distance for years.
Deimos Rowland hasn’t trusted a woman since the ugly and public break-up of his marriage at a young age. He hasn’t lost his taste for sex, though. In fact, it’s grown more exotic with the passing years. He’s set a series of sexual challenges for any woman who wants to be his lover. Little does he realize that the woman who passes them all will still win his heart.
Kate discovers that the man she’s always thought of as hurt and vulnerable has instead become distant to the point of hardness. This is not the man she wanted to give her heart to. Deimos has discovered that he needs love to exist, after all. Can he allow Kate to melt the ice and make him fully human again?
Reader Alert!
Reclusive billionaire, Deimos Rowland not only owns a Greek island. He’s created a sexual labyrinth inside it, with each chamber a bit more exotic sexually than the last. Kate Walker discovers a world where nothing is forbidden -- not spanking nor voyeurism nor being tied up.
To My Readers:
Talk to your reader telling them why your so excited about this story, why it’s wonder, the characters, why you had to bring then this story.
I only write things that turn me on personally. Labyrinth reflects my fantasies of a place so removed from the everyday world that anything is possible if I can imagine it. Writing the story has been a fascinating journey for me. I hope it is for you, too.
Sex, Lies and Contracts by Jennifer Probst
Julianna Elizabeth Waters promises her dying father to save the family estate at all costs, even if it means marrying for money, and not love. After years of taking care of her sick parents, she's become afraid to push past the walls of her Newport mansion and live.
Jack Woodward has it all - wealth, power, and prestige, but discovers a contract stating he must marry within three months or his legacy will go to his cousin, a man he loathes. He leaves England and disguises himself a gardener, intent on finding a woman who loves him for himself, and not his money and title.
When he spots Julianna on the cliffs, he vows to claim her at any cost, but she is intent on marrying a wealthy husband. He may be disgusted with her values, but he craves to initiate the spinster into the dark world of pleasure. They strike a bargain: she will belong to him every night and do anything he commands. Lust turns to love as the nights unfold, and suddenly the terms change.
But when his cousin comes to town, disguising himself as the perfect husband with a plan to steal Jack's legacy, Jack forces her to choose: love or money. A wrong choice throws a startling chain of events in action. Can love and truth triumph or will it be too late?
Reader Alert! 
Describe sexual content in two to three sentences. Ex: Abby didn’t know being on the run could be so glorious, with two men who know how to use ropes and spank so well!! Caution! When you read about Abby’s adventures you will need cool down and not over heat!
Julianna Elizabeth Waters is an old fashioned spinster desperate to break out of her sexual constraints. When her sexy gardener offers her a naughty bargain to belong to him, body and soul, she does things she always imagined of. Being dominated, controlled and spanked have never felt so good...
To My Readers:
When I visited Newport, Rhode Island and strolled the famous Cliff Walk, I looked at the gorgeous mansions high above the ocean and wondered what it would feel like to live there. I suddenly had a flash of my heroine, standing in the pouring rain, looking to escape her own emotional and physical prison. Later on, when I took a sunset sail, my hero appeared beside me: a true sailor who loved the water; alone; searching for his soul-mate. My story was suddenly born.
Julianna and Jack have much to teach each other about trust, letting go of control, and connecting on a deep physical level. I hope you enjoy reading about their journey as much as I enjoyed writing about them.
Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey
Veterinarian assistant, Ava Sweet has lusted after bad boy Luke McGiffin since high school and she’s tired of him treating her like a kid sister. It’s time to show the hunky roofer her feminine side. The plan: let Jen, her best friend, give her a makeover, and then tempt Luke right out of his sexy jeans. But can Ava handle a man with such strong appetites or is she in over her head?
To My Reader:
It’s a pleasure for me to create less than perfect heroines that are easy to relate to and I especially had fun with Ava Sweet. She’s one tough lady, but with a soft center. She deserved a hunky bad boy to show her just how beautiful she is. I dearly hope you enjoy Ava’s transformation from shy tomboy to sexy siren!
ISBN: 9781603100113 1603100113 Publication Date: 7/31/2014


by Alice Gaines, Anne Rainey, Jennifer Probst, Leigh Court

Genre: Erotic Romance, Anthology

RT Rating

Your fantasies will definitely be fulfilled by this volume, with four different stories to satisfy every taste. Each has a diverse situation and powerful, sexy men and women. Even when delving into the realm of fantasy, the characters remain grounded and realistic. Each story features a new sexual pleasure on nearly every page and packs a spicy punch. Fans of “The Disciplinarian,” which appeared in a previous volume, will appreciate the follow-up story, “The Disciplinarian’s Daughter.” This volume is perfect for any reader looking for some captivating short stories for a cozy fall night.

In “The Labyrinth,” a journalist seeking the ultimate scoop finds herself happily lost in a labyrinth designed to satisfy her every sexual need. “Sex, Lies and Contracts” is a captivating tale of a woman trapped in a promise that prevents her from reaching for happiness — and the man who is determined to help her find the passion she has within. In “Forbidden Fruit,” tomboy Ava begins to realize her more feminine side, which drives her boyfriend wild! Finally, “The Disciplinarian’s Daughter” begins with an intriguing premise: a scientific experiment in Victorian England where only virgins need apply. (RED SAGE, Jul., 350 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed By: Mary Bennings

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