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Secrets Volume 3 - by Angela Knight, Ann Jacobs, B.J. McCall, Jeanie Cesarini
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Category: eBook, Anthology, Action & Adventure, Capture & Bondage, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal & Occult, Vampire
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $9.99
Available Format: eBook  &  Trade Paperback  
Description: Blood and Kisses by Angela Knight
Blood and Kisses takes you into the future where vampires have their uses. The vampire assassin, Tagliar, is after the lovely Beryl St. Cloud. Her only hope lies with Decker, a vampire and ex-mercenary. Broke, she must use herself as payment for his services. Will his seductive powers overtake her very soul?

To My Readers:
A good vampire is hard to find. Sad, but true. It seems most vampire heroes (with a few wonderful exceptions) are either whiners or psychopaths. Which is really too bad because I just love the idea of a romantic vampire. All that menacing sexuality, superhuman strength and animal hunger… Besides, you know any guy who’s been seducing women for three hundred years just has to be good in bed. On those rare occasions when I do find the perfect vampire, he’s always paired with a heroine who has the fixed bubbleness of a Laker Girl, combined with the raw intelligence of a Boston fern. By chapter three I’m chanting, "Bite her, bite her, bite her…" Why the hell would a three-hundred-year-old nobleman be attracted to a woman who wants to be reincarnated as a rainbow? Puh-leeze. So when Alexandria Kendall graciously allowed me to write another novella for Secrets III, I knew just what I wanted to write about — a civilized vampire hero and a heroine who is neither vampire nor particularly civilized. And while I was at it, I explored some of my favorite vamp fantasies. I hope you enjoy the results. Thanks!

The Barbarian by Ann Jacobs
Lady Brianna resists being taken in The Barbarian. She and her castle are a reward from the king, but she vows not to surrender to the barbaric Giles, Earl of Harrow. He must use sexual arts learned in the infidels' harem to conquer his bride. Lust and love come together in this story. A word of caution-not for the fait of heart.

To My Readers: The Barbarian brings home lusty appetites honed in harems of the East. When he discovers to his pleasure that his bride the king has provided him along with rich estates in England appreciates and shares his enthusiasm for varied bed sports, he is a happy man. Little does he know that from healthy lust will grow a love of a lifetime. I hope you enjoy the fantasy as well as the gritty reality of this tale of sex and love set in the harsh and unforgiving medieval times. Erotic though this story may be, it is romance as well — the story of one man and one woman, searching for happily ever after.

Love Undercover by B.J. McCall
In Love Undercover, police lieutenant Amada Forbes finds herself in a sting operation at a strip joint. While she performs on stage, Detective "Cowboy" Cooper, as a bouncer, gets to watch. Though he excites her, she must fight the temptation to surrender to the passion.

To My Readers: The truly rugged individualist, no matter what his day job, is usually a cowboy at heart. And what woman doesn’t want a cowboy…

The Spy Who Loved Me by Jeanie Cesarini
In The Spy Who Loved Me undercover FBI agent Paige Ellison Never dreamed she'd end up with a staring role in a filmed game of sexual role-playing and death. Paige's sexual appetites rise to new levels when she works with the leading man Christopher Sharp, the cunning agent who uses all his training to capture her body and heart.

To My Reader: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all undercover work ended with a happily ever after?

ISBN: 9781603100205 1603100202 Publication Date: 12/01/1997

This virile vampire fantasy heated up reviewers’ blood

"The sparks fly in this combination of adventure and vampire fantasy filled with ‘blood’ lust”
—Romantic Times

“…super erotic, the characters are fun, smart-mouthed, lovable people and the story line is fascinating and had me hanging on to every word.”
—Laurie Shallah, Under the Covers

“…unique, terrific and hot.”
—Adrienne Benedicks, Erotic Readers Association


Another ultra-spicy Secrets story left reviewers smoking
“Ann Jacobs weaves a potent tale of harem life without the harem. Her colorful descriptions of techniques make this one hard to put down.”
—Affaire de Coeur

“This story is smokin’!”
—Laurie Shallah, Under the Covers review

“When I finished Ann’s Barbarian, I went up in smoke!”
—Virginia Henley, Best Selling Author


The reviewers certainly enjoyed reading about this sexy sting operation
"When Amanda and Wes finally allow nature to take its course, flames of desire sweep away inhibitions until nothing else matters but finding release from the sexual torment…”
—Kathee Card

“…this lusty story involves a sexy-as-sin detective with the heart of a cowboy, and a luscious red-haired lieutenant dedicated to her job. If you like cowboys, you’re going to love Detective Cooper.”
—Adrienne Benedicks, Erotic Readers Association

“The sexual tension crackles and reaches a boiling point … This is one cowboy who knows how to please a woman. Another winner and highly recommended.”
—Laurie Shallah, Under the Covers


The reviewers were left panting after reading this sexy story :)

"Ms. Cesarini has combined the intense excitement of an action thriller with the erotic, sensuality of modern times. When these two get together, ‘undercover’ takes on a whole new meaning.”
—Affaire de Coeur review

“By putting two characters in such a dangerous situation, the author adds tension to an already explosively erotic story. Highly recommended.”
—Laurie Shallah, Under the Covers review

“These tales of lust and love might arouse the more adventurous reader’s interest and intrigue those who enjoy a truly hot read. Others, be warned.”
—Romantic Times

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