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Secrets Volume 4 - by Emma Holly, Desiree Lindsey, Jeanie Cesarini, Susan Paul & Betsy Morgan
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Category: eBook, Anthology, Capture & Bondage, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Menage a Trois
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $9.99
Available Format: eBook  &  Trade Paperback

Description: The Love Slave by Emma Holly
The Love Slave is a woman's ultimate fantasy. For one year, Princess Lily will be attended to by three delicious men of her choice. While she delights in playing with the first two, it's the reluctant Grae, with his powerful chest, black eyes and hair, which stir her desires.

To My Readers: To me, good erotica is like a glass of wine with dinner, slightly decadent, darkly exciting and — who knows — if it gets my pulse pounding it might lower my cholesterol! A good romance, however, is dinner. I’ve gotta have it, no ifs, ands or buts.

When I saw my first Secrets collection, my writer’s imagination was sparked. Romance and erotica entwined in a single story? What a yummy idea. I knew I had to try my hand at it.

I hope you enjoy my attempt in The Love Slave, and I hope you come back for more!

An Act of Love by Jeanie Cesarini
In An Act of Love, Shelby Moran's past haunts her and left her terrified of sex. International film star Jason Gage is hired to gently coach the young starlet in the ways of love. He wants more than an act- he wants Shelby to feel true passion in his arms.

To My Readers: It wasn’t until I read Secrets Volume 3 in print that I thought of continuing the story that began in A Spy Who Loved Me. Paige and Christopher had triumphed over evil and found their happily ever after. Lewis Goddard would meet justice. I turned the last page with a satisfied sigh — until Shelby piped up and said, “You’re going to leave me a fifteen year old on the lam forever? No way! I want a happily ever after, too!”

Shelby was right. After all she’d been through, it wasn’t fair to leave her a fictional loose end. She deserved a chance to overcome her past and find the man of her dreams. Guided by her hopes and fears, I honored her request, and now, dearest reader, just turn the page to find out how…

Enslaved by Desiree’ Lindsey
Lady Crystal Halverton's is in turmoil in Enslaved. Lord Nicholas Summer's airs of danger, dark passions, and irresistible charm have brought her long-hidden desires to the surface. Will he give her the one thing she desires before it's too late?

To My Readers: Everyone loves a good angst-filled love story and adore even more a tender, provocative hero. My story is dedicated to vulnerable alpha heros — to sensate adventure with Nicholas and Crystal, their undying love, fierce passion and all things as brilliant as his gift to her. May your hearts be Enslaved.
I love hearing from my readers!!!

The Bodyguard by Susan Paul & Betsy Morgan
Kaki York is The Bodyguard. Watching the wild, erotic romps of her client's sexual conquests on the security cameras is getting to her and her partner, the ruggedly handsome James Kulick.Can she resist his insistent desire to have her?

To My Readers: Kaki York’s last assignment was Desert Storm. Alana Manley’s drug of choice is men. What happens with this female bodyguard is hired to protect the Oscar-winning actress from a stalker, and herself? Put on your jammies, crawl in your bed, and read on…

ISBN: 9781603100243 1603100245 Publication Date: 12/01/1998

 "Wicked, erotic, sexy and fun. I can’t wait for the next Emma Holly story…”
—Thea Devine, Best Selling Author

“(Emma) has created a story of sex, romance and intrigue that goes beyond the norm.
The Love Slave is set in a mythical time and place with a philosophy that almost makes you wish you lived in those times.”
—Lani Roberts, Affair de Coeur review


"A well-written tale of forbidden lust and love that will keep you turning the pages.
Desirée Lindsey is as hot as it gets!”
—Kat Martin, Best Selling Author

“Fabulously sensual and sweetly erotic, this story will light the fires of your imagination!”
—Kathleen Harrington, Best Selling Author

“In Enslaved, Desirée Lindsey creates a tender, erotic fantasy certain to satisfy fans of fresh, provocative romance.”
—Teresa Medeiros, Best Selling Author


This spicy tale was well received, as you can see
“…sensual, titillating and makes you never want to put the book down until the end. …This story is fast-paced and definitely erotic.”
—Lani Roberts

“Grab a fan or a ready man. You’ll need one or the other while reading this hot, hot, hot story from the masters of the erotic. Wow!”
—Martha Hix, a multi-published romance author

While this story stands alone on its own merit, it’s a sequel to The Spy Who Loved Me in Volume 3. As expected, the reviewers loved it

“The tender sensualness of Ms Cesarini’s writing takes you intimately into the erotic world of Shelby and Jason. She has a talent…to relive the wonderful sensations that her words evoke. As far as eroticism, this is one of the best!”
—Affaire de Coeur review

“In An Act of Love, Jeanie Cesarini brings back a character from an earlier version of Secrets, Shelby Moran. Shelly emerged from her experience with the producer of snuff films with her desire to be an actress intact — but her desire for sex eradicated. When it begins to interfere with her career, resolution is called for in the form of child star Jason Gage and some sex therapy.”
—WCRG on AOL Reviewer Board

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• Secrets Volume #4 • Trade Paperback
by Emma Holly, Desiree Lindsey, Jeanie Cesarini, Susan Paul & Betsy Morgan
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