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Secrets Volume 8 - by MaryJanice Davidson, Liz Maverick, Alice Gaines, Jeanie Cesarini
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Category: eBook, Anthology, Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal & Occult, Science Fiction, Werewolves
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $9.99
Available Format: eBook  &  Trade Paperback  
Description: Mary Janice Davidson - Jared's Wolf

Jared Rocke will do anything avenge his sister’s death, even believe in werewolves. What he doesn’t believe is that he’s attracted to Moira Wolfbauer, the she-wolf sworn to protect her pack. In Jared’s Wolf, two enemies must join forces to stop a killer while learning that love defies all boundaries--even those between species.

To My Readers: When I wrote Love’s Prisoner for Secrets VI and introduced Michael and Jeannie Wyndham, I was overwhelmed by your response. All your wonderful letters and phone calls boiled down to one request: more Wyndham werewolves! Your wish is my command. I hope you like Moira and Jared as much as you liked Jeannie and Michael.

Liz Maverick - Kiss or Kill

In this post apocalyptic world, Camille Kazinsky’s military career rides on her ability to make a choice--whether the robo called Meat should live or die. Meat’s future depends on proving he’s human enough to live, man enough . . . Should Camille Kiss or Kill this man/machine that makes her feel like a woman?

To My Readers: He’s part man, part machine, and his life’s on the line. She’s the woman who must decide his fate. How would you try to figure out if a man…was man enough?

Alice Gaines - My Champion, My Love

My Champion, My Love tells the tale of Celeste Broder, a woman committed for a sexy appetite that is tolerated in the men, but not the women of her time. She desperately needs a champion, and finds one in mayor Robert Albright. If she can convince him her freedom will mean a chance to indulge their appetites together.

To My Readers: Passion isn’t only for the young, and good guys don't always finish last.

Jeanie Cesarini -Taming Kate

 When Kathryn Roman inherits a legal brothel, she refuses to trade her high-powered career in Manhattan for a life in the wild, Wild West. Little does this city girl know that the town of Love, Nevada wants her to be their new madam so they’ve charged Trey Holliday, one very dominant cowboy, with Taming Kate.

To My Readers: I was in the mood for a cowboy and since this cowboy would be my very first…Secrets provides the perfect place to explore my mood, a place where stories indulge sensual fantasies and deep dark desires. So, dearest reader, hop on for a red-hot ride west, to a town called Love where just about anything can happen…and does.

ISBN: 9781603100403 1603100407 Publication Date: 12/01/2002

“Secrets Volume 8, is simply sensational!”
—Virginia Henley, New York Times Best Selling Author

“Secrets Volume 8 is an amazing compilation of sexy stories covering a wide range of subjects, all designed to titillate the senses. …you’ll find something for everybody in this latest version of Secrets.”
—Affaire de Coeur Magazine

“These delectable stories will have you turning the pages long into the night. Passionate, provocative and perfect for setting the mood…”
—Escape to Romance Reviews


“I never believed that any story about werewolves could be funny, but this novella by MaryJanice Davidson is absolutely hilarious besides being sexy as hell. When Moira and Jared get together, sparks fly in more ways than one! These two antagonists quickly discover that they are perfectly made for each other even if one of them doesn’t know for sure what the other one is! A very funny sexy story.”
—Lani Roberts, Affaire de Coeur review

“Ms. Davidson has penned one fantastic love story, overflowing with humor, suspense and oodles of steamy sex! One-of-a-kind characters will compel readers to devour this short story, and Davidson’s writing style will leave them looking forward to more fromher fertile imagination. This reader is ready to beg for future stories about the Wyndham Werewolves, especially Moira's littermate, Derik.”
—Julie Shininger, Escape to Romance

“This last spicy novella, set in the not-too-distant future, starts steaming up your glasses by the third page and doesn’t stop until the last page. If you ever wanted to know if a human and a robo could be compatible, after reading this story, you won’t have any doubt! A great combination of sizzling sex, military intrigue, and a little light bondage for good measure!”
—Lani Roberts, Affaire de Coeur review

“Ms. Maverick’s debut story, Kiss or Kill, will captivate readers with its earthy sensuality and vivid character portrayals. Violence does play a role in this story, so please be aware of that. All in all, this is a strong debut from Maverick, and a welcome addition to Secrets, Volume 8”
—Julie Shininger, Escape to Romance

Just read what reviewers say about this hot tale.
“Alice Gaines manages to raise our social consciences, while titillating our senses at the same time, with this well written novella of unbounded pleasure.”
—Lani Roberts, Affaire de Coeur review

“If you’re craving a quick read with little emotional involvement that’s slightly improbable, but wholly sensual, reach for My Champion, My Love by Ms. Gaines.”
—Julie Shininger, Escape to Romance

Another spicy tale from a popular Red Sage author! Just read what reviewers said
“This romping, Western erotic novella will definitely make your heart flutter as Trey takes it upon himself to teach Kathryn the “ins and outs” of lovin’ Western-style!”
—Lani Roberts, Affaire de Coeur review

“Ms. Cesarini teases readers with the history behind Katia’s Palace and Tex’s Sweet ranch, now owned by Trey. We can only hope for more sensual romances set amidst the town of Love, Nevada from this gifted author.”
—Julie Shininger, Escape to Romance

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