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Secrets Volume 13 - by Charlotte Featherstone, Amber Green, Calista Fox, Rachelle Chase
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Category: eBook, Anthology, Action & Adventure, Capture & Bondage, Contemporary, Historical, Mystery & Detective, Paranormal & Occult, Shape Shifter, Thriller, Werewolves
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $9.99
Available Format: eBook & Trade Paperback  
Description: Amber Green - HAWKMOOR

Whether in downtown Manhattan or the deep Ontario forest, shape-shifters answer to Darien Hawkmoor, and rely on him to keep the peace. He acts in the name of the long-missing Lady Hawkmoor, their hereditary ruler, to whom he was bonded as a child. When Lady Hawkmoor unexpectedly surfaces, the myths evaporate. Darien must deal with a stubborn, scrappy individual whose wary eyes hold the other half of his soul, but who has the power to destroy his world

To My Readers: What’s a good man to do when his options narrow down to the possible destruction of his entire society or the certain destruction of his true heart?

Darien Hawkmoor’s world is under control—his control—and he likes it that way. Then his long-lost child-bride surfaces, a lusciously curved adult with no memory of the shape-shifters’ Hidden World and no understanding of the precarious balance of power among the Families. Darien’s carefully built peace shatters as the various Families vie for power and position. With people dying, and the moon swelling toward full, he faces the most painful of decisions. He must bring Lady Hawkmoor under control, or he must sacrifice her to rebuild the peace.

Calista Fox - In the Heat of the Night

Haunted by a century-old curse, Molina Toscano fears she won’t live to see her thirtieth birthday. Nick Moretti, her former bodyguard, is hired back into service to protect her from the fatal accidents that plague her family. But In the Heat of the Night, will his passion and love for her be enough to convince Molina they have a future together?

To My Readers: I hope you enjoy Nick and Molina’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks to Ms. Pich and Ms. Kendall for letting me share this story with other romance addicts.

Rachelle Chase  - Out of Control

Astrid Thomas’s world revolves around her business, Ventures, which is why she’s hoping to pick up wealthy Erik Santos as a new client. Only Erik is hoping to pick up something entirely different: A weekend trophy wife. Will Astrid give in to seductive pull of Erik’s proposition and do something she’s never done before — be Out of Control for 48 hours?

To My Readers: I find the concept of control—giving it up, taking it—intriguing. Which made me wonder… what if a woman who thrived on being in control met a man who challenged her to give it up?

To my family, who has always stood by me, loved me, encouraged me, and supported me, I love you.

Charlotte Featherstone - Lessons In Pleasure

A wicked bargain has Lily Farrington vowing never to yield to the demands of the rake she once loved and lost. Unfortunately, Damian Westerham, the Earl of St. Croix, or Saint as he is infamously known, will not take ‘no’ for an answer. Vow or no, he means to have Lily, and he plans on getting exactly what he wants with his Lessons In Pleasure.

To My Readers: What could be sexier than an immoral Regency rake that uses his extensive skills to draw the one woman he could never have into his bed and his heart?

I give you Saint, a deliciously wicked bad boy who will stop at nothing to claim the woman he loves. Enjoy the fantasy…

This book is dedicated to my hero of a husband and my daughter. Without them I wouldn’t be living my fantasy—publication. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and willingness to exist on take out and Kraft dinners.

And to the three best writing friends an author could ever have. Kristina, for always being the voice of reason, the perpetual cheerleader and my Fairy Punctuation Mother. Thank you for encouraging me to take this path and for having faith in my abilities when I couldn’t see them. Kathi, for her continued support, her belief in my talent, and for encouraging me to keep Saint as wicked as he wanted to be. Thank you for helping me believe in myself. I love having you as a fan. And Amy, who has struggled through all my ‘bad’ writing attempts to get me here. Who is an indispensable font of wisdom, knowledge and advice—thank you so much for your support. Thank you all. I could never have done it without you! Your support and encouragement and understanding are what have gotten me here.

ISBN: 9781603100601 1603100601 Publication Date: 12/01/2005

4½ Stars !!!!

Listen to what reviewers have to say!
“In Secrets Volume 13, the temperature gets turned up a few notches with a mistaken personal ad, shape-shifters destined to love, a hot Regency lord and his lady, as well as a bodyguard protecting his woman. Emotions and fl ames blaze high in Red Sage’s latest foray into the sensual and delightful art of love.”
4½ Stars
—Romantic Times BOOKclub

The sex is still so hot the pages nearly ignite! Read Secrets, Volume 13!”
—Romance Reviews

“No secret anymore, this anthology provides readers with some of the hottest, well written romances around. Fans will appreciate this collection as each tale is hot with fabulous protagonists though they run the gamut of sub-genres. Adding to the pleasure is that the wait was only six months rather than the customary year.”
—Harriet Klausner

Another hit for Red Sage Publishing!

“Lessons in Pleasure brings together the lush historical detail of England, while effortlessly weaving in the story of this passionate couple. … Lessons in Pleasure is bursting with sensuality and passion that will have readers up long into the night. Charlotte Featherstone has penned a tale that readers will come back to repeatedly. ”
—Romance Junkies

“Lessons in Pleasure is a reminder of why I love historical romances so much. This story is beautifully written and full of sinfully wicked delights sure to tantalize the reader, an excellent addition to this anthology.”
—Fallen Angel Reviews

A great opening story for Volume 13!
“Out of Control is a story full of seductive adventure. … The love scenes are vivid and leave nothing to the imagination. Rachelle Chase has done an outstanding job creating characters that mesmerizes the reader and leaves them wanting more.”
—Romance Junkies

“Out of Control was a wonderful way to start this anthology out right. A young woman who is used to being in control of every aspect in her life has to learn how and when to hand over the reins and a man must learn how to love. What more could you ask for?”
—Fallen Angel Reviews


This story certainly tickled the reviewers!
“Hawkmoor is an incredible story that mixes vampires and shape shifting into one fantastic tale. … The love scenes will keep readers in a constant state of heat and running for a cold shower. This is the first story that I have read by Amber Green, but it is apparent that she is an author with a brilliant career ahead.”
—Romance Junkies

“A wonderful new voice in paranormal romance.”
—Robin D. Owens, 2002 RITA Winner Paranormal Romance

“A hearty mix of high sensuality and exceptional world building, Hawkmoor delivers on its paranormal promise.”
—Cricket Starr

Another hit with reviewers!
“In the Heat of the Night will rock the reader and take their breath away. … Full of detail and sensuality the readers won’t be disappointed with the love scenes. Certainly an author to watch, Calista Fox is off to an excellent start with In the Heat of the Night.”
—Romance Junkies

“A hot, spectacular adventure!”
—Jasmine Haynes

“In the Heat of the Night was a wonderful tale of old love reacquainted. Nick and Molina both have such strong feelings for one another and the reader watches the characters overcome their problems in the face of danger.”
—Fallen Angel Reviews

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