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Secrets Volume 17 • Erotic Nights - by Calista Fox, Kathy Kaye, Ellie Marvel, Kathleen Scott
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Category: Trade Paperback, Anthology, Action & Adventure, Capture & Bondage, Contemporary, Mystery & Detective, Paranormal & Occult, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $5.50
Available Format: Trade Paperback  &  eBook  

A thief darkens the doorstep of Cassandra Kensington’s exclusive dating service and nightclub, Rendezvous, and sexy P.I. Dean Hewitt arrives on the scene to help. One look at the siren who owns the club has Dean’s blood boiling, despite the fact that his keen instincts have him questioning the legitimacy of her business. But when Cassandra’s life is in danger, Dean will do everything in his power to save her…if only she’ll let him.

To My Readers: Intimate Rendezvous is my second Secrets novella. Following my first release in July ’06, I discovered how devoted Secrets fans are, and I have enjoyed meeting so many of you online and in person. You are the reason why I strive to make each story better than the last one. While I continue to learn the importance of striking a balance between adventure and sensuality, and making every word count, I try to remember that at the heart of every good story is a bone-deep love between the hero and the heroine. It’s hard to capture that love sometimes, particularly when our own lives are in turmoil. But I hope you feel the love Dean and Cassandra share, and I hope you enjoy their story.

Jessica Hennessy, the great, great granddaughter of a Voodoo priestess, decides she's waited long enough for the man of her dreams to see her as more than the girl behind the coffee counter. A dose of her ancestor's aphrodisiac slipped into the gooey center of her homemade bon bons ought to do the trick.
But when the effects don't seem to be wearing off, Jessica wonders if she may have served up more than she can handle.

To My Readers: Let your imagination run wild while you ponder what a desperate woman would do to lure the man of her dreams into her life--and her bed. Now imagine she's the great- great-granddaughter of a voodoo priestess.
I did! I hope you enjoy ROCK HARD CANDY. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities. Its majestic grandeur touches my soul with wispy reminders of times past and promises of wondrous things not yet revealed. Hurricane forces may have momentarily staggered this great lady of a city, but not even Mother Nature can keep her down for long.  

Jesse Storm must make amends to humanity by destroying the computer program he helped design that has taken the government hostage. But he must also protect the woman he’s loved in secret for nearly a decade. Soran Roberts is an accountant who has become annoyed by the government’s strong-arm control of the citizenry. Though the secret crush she had on Jesse in college was unrequited, she will never forget his intensity. When their paths cross again, the passion that always simmered below the surface ignites and threatens to burn them alive, even as they attempt to save the country.

To My Readers: Some stories are crafted through blood, sweat, and frustrated tears. Others write themselves. For me, Fatal Error was the latter. I hope you enjoy Jesse and Soran’s story as much as they enjoyed telling it to me.

Jasmine Templeton decides on her thirty-third birthday she's been celibate long enough. Will a wild night at a hot new club with her two best friends ease the ache inside her or just make it worse? Well, considering one of those best friends is Charlie and she's been having strange notions about their relationship of late... It's definitely a birthday neither she nor Charlie will ever forget.

To My Readers: Sometimes we write from the imagination, and sometimes we write from the heart.  The best stories happen when we combine to two, which I hope I've done with "Birthday".  Publishing this story will always give me a special zing because my oh-so patient husband (moosh alert, moosh alert!) was my best friend for ten years before I woke up and smelled the hottie.  He waited...and waited...and waited...and I guess he bought new cologne or something because one day I realized he was more than my best friend, he was my really hot, sexy best friend, and I should probably marry him. So I did.
"Birthday" is about the rush of what it's like to strike out in all the wrong places and find your someone right beside you.

Ellie Marvel


ISBN: 9780975451670 975451677 Publication Date: 12/01/200

SECRETS VOLUME 17 - Stories so sizzling hot, they will burn your fingers as you turn the pages.  Enjoy!                                                   
~~~Virginia Henley - New York Times Best Selling Author

"Rock Hard Candy" by Kathy Kaye. In New Orleans, she has patiently waited for Alex to recognize that they are soulmates, but though he buys one double latte and a chocolate éclair from her almost everyday he fails to recognize that Jessica is the one for him. No longer willing to wait, she adds a love potion concoction that made an ancestor famous as a voodoo queen in the gooey center of his pastry. She succeeds, but fears what will happen when the potion finally leaves his system.
"Fatal Error" by Kathleen Scott. Jesse knows his brainchild, a computer program, has taken control over every walk of life especially the government. He realizes he must destroy his program before the storm he created devastates everything. When he meets up with Soran, he realizes he still loves her as he did back in college together. He vows to die to keep her safe from his creation, not realizing she always loved him too.
"Birthday" by Ellie Marvel. Just turned thirty-three, Jasmine decides this is night she will have sex. She knows who her choice is, her pal Charlie.
"Intimate rendezvous" by Clista Fox. Someone is stalking Cassandra, owner of the exclusive nightclub Rendezvous. Private investigator Dean is hired to protect her and to uncover the identity of the culprit. However, he has his issues as he wants Cassandra with a passion he has never felt before.
These are four erotic romances (duh -- this Secrets) starring likeable couples who sub-genre fans will want to see how the women seduce the men of their dreams.
~~~Harriet Klausner - REVIEWS

5. 0 out of 5 stars Erotic Nights (Secrets Volume 17)
This book is hot! hot! hot! Secrets Volume 17 will make women remember what it is like to be desired. This is a real page turner. Kathy Kaye, with "Rock Hard Candy" starts it out and Calista Fox closes it with Intimate Rendezvous. My heart pounded through the entire volume.
This was another good one by Red Sage Publishing......
~~Patricia Curtis - AMAZON

SECRETS VOLUME 17 - Kathy Kaye, Kathleen Scott, Ellie Marvel & Calista Fox  4 STARS!
Voodoo spells, sci-fi, sex clubs and dating services lay the tracks for scorching sex and hot romance in Red Sage’s Secrets Volume 17. Readers who have clamored for more Secrets will love the mix of alpha and beta males as well as kick-butt heroines who always get their men.
SUMMARY: Candy gets you more than cavities in Kaye’s “Rock Hard Candy.” Sugar melts as the temp rises when Alex  meets his match in voodoo princess Jessica and they discover you can do more than cook in the kitchen.
Accountant Soran and computer programmer Jesse go on the run when a pc virus and a missing keyboard have Big Brother looking for them in Scott’s “Fatal Error.”
A girl just wants to have fun in Marvel’s “Birthday,” but Jasmine finds more than she bargains for when the man of her dreams picks her in a sex club.
P.I. Dean cases a dating service on his latest assignment and finds the owner to be the stuff all his fantasies are made of in Fox’s “Intimate Rendezvous.”
~~~Faith V. Smith - ROMANTIC TIMES

Rating: 4.5
INTIMATE RENDOZVOUS has a dark quality to it.  A thief lurking in the darkness waiting to kill an unsuspecting victim, sounds like something straight out of a horror movie.  Of course, there has to be a hero and he comes in the hunky form of Dean.  Determined to find out the truth and stop and killer, Dean is the sexy PI in charge of the case.  Cassandra is the owner of Rendezvous and woman who has made her own way for quite some time.  Decadent pleasures and sizzling love scenes are abundant and readers will find themselves caught up in a fascinating whirlwind of action and passion.  Calista Fox is quickly making a name for herself in the erotic romance genre and with sensational tales like this one it’s easy to see why.
~~~Angel - romancejunkies.com

ROCK HARD CANDY by Kathy Kaye Rating: 4.5

ROCK HARD CANDY is a yummy tale of what happens when plans go wrong.  You feel Jessica’s desperation to get Alex to finally notice her, which leads to the love potion scenario.  Alex appears to be resistant to Jessica’s advances and really comes off as rather cold and unfeeling.  We soon realize why he acts the way he does and his past helps to reveal why he keeps himself closed off.  This couple doesn’t miss any beats both in and out of the bedroom and their desire for each other almost sets the pages on fire.  Kathy Kaye has done a marvelous job at creating memorable characters and a plot that is sure to please.
~~~Angel - romancejunkies.com

FATAL ERROR by Kathleen Scott Rating: 4.5
FATAL ERROR is packed full of action, adventure and danger around every corner.  Kathleen Scott is sensational at spinning a web of suspense that readers will find themselves trapped in.  Jesse Storm is confident, sexy and hell bent on fixing his wrong doings.  Soran is caught in the middle of it all, but has the courage to do what it takes to help the man she has fallen for.  FATAL ERROR is an exciting tale that kept my mind whirling at all the possibilities of what the future might hold.  I will certainly be on the lookout for the next adventure that Kathleen Scott pens.
~~~Angel - romancejunkies.com

BIRTHDAY by Ellie Marvel Rating: 4.5
I think the tale of two friends falling for each other is very refreshing.  BIRTHDAY is a fun story that brings together Jasmine and Charlie, who have kept their same dependable relationship and never thought to look beyond to what it may become.  The love scenes capture the passion that has been hiding under the surface all along between the two friends.  Various secondary characters that lend a helping hand to get the couple together accent the plot.  In all Ellie Marvel is a talented author and this tale friendship turning into love is sure to delight readers.
~~Angel - romancejunkies.com

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