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Secrets Volume 19 • Timeless Passions - by Elisa Adams, R. Ellen Ferare, Kathleen Scott, Saskia Walker
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Category: eBook, Anthology, Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Fairy Tale & Mythology
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
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Available Format: eBook  &  Trade Paperback  
Lucy Chambers loves life in her historic house on the rugged Cornish coast. In fact, the only thing that would make her life better is if the sexy man who waTilked through her dreams every night was real. Under the watchful eye of the local white witch, Lucy is about to find out about the power of wishes and the vagaries of time. When she is sent two centuries into the past, she meets Cullen Thaine, the strong, mysterious man who’d also made a wish, a wish to spend one last night with an English wench before leaving for the colonies to pay a debt of honour. When Cullen confesses he longs to stay in his beloved Cornwall, will Lucy be able to make all their dreams come true?

To My Readers: This magical tale was inspired by a magical place–Cornwall–the rugged, southwest peninsula of England. When I was a young girl, we used to visit the county often, and it set my imagination going with its myths, legends and its beautiful landscape. It was the sort of place you could imagine wishes coming true….
Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could get what we wished for? My heroine, Lucy Chambers, does just that and I hope you’ll enjoy her wishes coming true as much as she does.
Sweet dreams!

Daria is the fifth daughter of the Primon royal house and a combat fighter pilot in the Primon fleet. Five years before, her sister, Lessia, was betrothed to General Kristiano Raven, the Hohn of Jevic, until a tragic shuttle accident took her life and jeopardized the alliance between the two worlds. Now, an unknown enemy threatens the galaxy and the alliance must be strengthened through the bonds of marriage, with Daria the only princess left to seal the bargain. But even as she fights to balance familial duty with her career goals, she cannot resist the potent pull of desire she feels whenever Raven touches her.

To My Readers: I always find the easiest characters to write are the ones who sit behind you at the computer and dictate their lives as you type. Thus, it was with Daria and Raven. I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I did hearing it straight from the characters.

When Gabrielle checks into the top floor of an old hotel, she discovers an extra bonus in her room: a life-sized statue of a nude man. Her unexpected roommate reveals himself to be a talented lover caught by a witch's curse. Can she help him break free of the spell that holds him, without losing her heart along the way?

To My Readers: Santa Cruz is a California beach town that cherishes individuality. A walk down Pacific Avenue can be counted on to illustrate the point. You might spot a young woman wearing nothing but two squares of duct tape and a pair of jeans, or a man wrapped in strategically molded aluminum foil. Fortunately for most people, no one is required to follow a creative dress code. Visitors can safely leave the foil and duct tape at home.
If you ever do decide to visit, be sure to check out more than just the boardwalk. There are funky shops, wonderful bookstores, and good eats just a few blocks in from the beach. You can find some some nice Victorian B&Bs, too, but I'm sorry to say that none of them offer the extra amenities featured in this story…

Holly Aronson has experienced things that would give anyone else nightmares. Sweet, caring Andrew is the first person to make her feel whole again, but then his lifelong friend Shane arrives and makes her doubt everything she thinks she knows about the man she’s trying hard to love. Shane was drawn to Holly the second he saw her, but too many things prevent them from being together—Shane’s now-rocky friendship with Andrew, her need to stay where she thinks it’s safe, and secrets so big that they threatens to tear all three of them apart.

To My Readers:
Sometimes a story seems to have a mind of its own, and no matter what the writer does to try to shape it to fit the image they have in mind, something unexpected happens to change everything. This was one of those stories. It took me by surprise, and brought me to a place I hadn’t even realized I wanted to go. I hope you enjoy getting lost in Holly and Shane’s world.

ISBN: 9781603100847 1603100849 Publication Date: 12/01/2006
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Red Sage Publishing’s Secrets Volumes have long been, to me, a defining presence in the romantica/hot and steamy genre. Always willing to take a chance on new and talented authors, the Secrets Anthologies have set a very high bar and continue to reach it time and time again. Their newest release SECRETS VOLUME 19 is a nice mix of paranormal genres: werewolves, science fiction, and magic. Kick back, relax and get ready for some well written hot reads!!!!

~Reviewed by Sarah Silversmith

FOUR STARS! star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

Vol. 19: "This is an eclectic mix of titles with plenty here to entertain all tastes. The heat and chemistry for all the couples is sexy and at time sweet and tender. All four authors provide fine short stories perfect for the quick read. The authors entertain while not making the reader feel as if they’ve been cheated by short word count. Ménage, time travel, historical and contemporary elements are all present."
~~~Kristi Ahlers - Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Red Sage Publishing has once again brought together a group of talented authors to create a book filled with tales that will make your temperature rise. Have a glass of ice water handy, as it’s never a good idea to become overheated. :-) Get your copy of SECRETS VOLUME 19 today, and enjoy a variety of short stories perfectly written to help you escape from the real world if only for a little while.
~~~Lori Ann - Romance Reviews Today

Another sensual edition to the SECRETS line that brings together historical, contemporary and futuristic tales that ensnares the mind and turns up the heat.

~~~ANGEL - romancejunkies.com


WHAT YOU WISH FOR by Saskia Walker - Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5
    Lucy Chamber's home has historic significance. She enjoys it to the extreme.  She can’t explain the man who occupies her dreams on a nightly basis and wishes that he were real.  Lucy doesn’t know that her wish is about to come true thanks to the local witch.  Lucy is sent back in time where she meets the man of her dreams, Cullen Thane.  Cullen has his own wish that remarkably comes true.  Will he be able to keep the woman he has found or will fate conspire to tear them apart?

   WHAT YOU WISH FOR is a time travel romance that will leave readers breathless in anticipation of what will happen next.  Lucy is a real down to earth type of character and I liked her from the beginning of the story.  Cullen is strong willed and you find yourself pulled into his indecision.  He decides whether to keep his promise and fulfill his debt or stay with the woman he has come to love.  Love scenes are chock full of heat and intensity you will need to be cooled off so make sure you have a fan nearby.  Saskia Walker has done an excellent job of writing an adventure that draws the reader in.

~~~ANGEL - romancejunkies.com


Toys In The Attic by Ellen R. Ferare - Blue Ribbon Rating: 4
    Gabrielle checks into a hotel thinking she’s probably got the best room in the place.  She is shocked and surprised when she finds out that her room comes with a very strange guest.  A statue of a naked man that is life sized.  Though she thinks it’s strange, she doesn’t make too much of it, until the statue comes to life and tells his story.  It seems that he is cursed and longs to break the spell that holds him captive.  Can Gabrielle be the one to help him finally get free of his frozen prison?

    TOYS IN THE ATTIC is an unusual tale that readers will find a refreshing change from the normal romance stories.  I found myself pulled into this tale.  Our heroine is a wonderful woman who is willing to help the hero in any way she can.  A man trapped in stone, an evil spell, and the one woman who could change it all ensures that this story is one that won’t soon be forgotten.  TOYS IN THE ATTIC is the first story I have read by Ellen R. Ferare. I can honestly say that I will be on the lookout for more of her work in the future.

~~~ANGEL - romancejunkies.com

"Toys in the Attic" by E. Ellen Ferare. Her friend Rachel asks Gabrielle to check out a vacation place in Santa Cruz for her. She does and asks for the special attic as Rachel told her to do. The place is dumpy and the rain makes it worse except for the naked statue that comes to life, Gavin the cursed hunk who gives her the best orgasm of her life.

~~Harriet Klausner - REVIEWS


"Falling Stars" by Kathleen Scott. Primon Kingdom needs the alliance so they send Daria as a royal daughter to marry General Kristiano Raven. She does her duty but fears will never live up to his previous betrothal her late sister Lessia. He hides how much he desires Daria and even pretends indifference until a threat endangers both worlds.
~~~Harriet Klausner - REVIEWS

"Falling Stars" by Kathleen Scott. Primon Kingdom needs the alliance so they send Daria as a royal daughter to marry General Kristiano Raven. She does her duty but fears will never live up to his previous betrothal her late sister Lessia. He hides how much he desires Daria and even pretends indifference until a threat endangers both worlds

~~~ANGEL - romancejunkies.com


"Affliction" by Elise Adams. Shane asks Holly what does his friend Andrew offer her that he does not. She says stability and safety; he says boredom as he begins to understand she fears the fantasies he brings out in her without revealing his most inner secret though the attacks on her make that difficult.
~~~Harriet Klausner - REVIEWS

Affliction by Elisa Adams - Blue Ribbon Rating: 4
    Holly hasn’t had an easy life. She has been through some stuff that would put most sane people in an asylum.  Andrew is the type of man she has longed for all her life.  Andrew is sensitive, caring, and absolutely perfect in every way.  Holly thinks she has found the one until Shane, Andrews friend shows up and things change.  Now there is tension between Shane and Andrew and she’s caught in the middle.  All three are keeping secrets that are dark enough to rip the three of them apart that will change their lives forever.
    AFFLICTION reaches out to the reader on an emotional level and has plenty of drama to keep you sighing in wonder.  Holly is a strong woman to have gone through everything that she has. It has made her even stronger in character.  The conflict between Andrew and Shane is rampant. I could feel the tension as if I was right in the middle of it.  Holly was torn as to which man she wanted to be with. I empathized with her as she battled with her emotions. Love scenes are highly erotic and leave the reader panting in ecstasy.  Elisa Adams is a talented author who is quickly making a name for herself in the romantic genre. I am excited to see what her next tale will bring.
~~~ANGEL - romancejunkies.com

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