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Secrets Volume 21 • Primal Heat - by Cynthia Eden, Larissa Ione, Kate St. James, Mia Varano
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Category: eBook, Anthology, Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Mystery & Dective, Paranormal & Occult, Shape Shifter, Werewolves
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $9.99
Available Format: eBook  &  Trade Paperback  

CAGED WOLF by Cynthia Eden
Alerac La Morte has been drugged, kidnapped, and taken to some hole in the wall far from civilization. To make matters worse, Alerac realizes that his captor, Madison Langley, is actually…his destined mate. Madison hates his kind--she blames Weres for the death of her father, and she wants vengeance. But when captor is turned captive, will Alerac be able to convince her that he's not the monster she thinks, that wolves are true, and when they mate...it's forever?

To My Readers: In the 1760s, a strange, wolf-like beast prowled the French countryside. According to some accounts, this creature killed dozens of people… and many of the locals began to think that a werewolf was hunting at night. History now calls this creature the Beast of Gevaudan.

I’ve always been interested in the Gevaudan story. So when I decided to try my own hand at writing werewolf stories, I created heroes (Weres) who hailed from France, the birthplace of the legendary beast.
Of course, my Weres aren’t blood-thirsty monsters. They’re strong, loyal, brave men… who just happen to be able to transform into wolves.
I hope you enjoy Caged Wolf (my third Were story for Red Sage). (Previous titles: Bite of the Wolf in Secrets, Volume 15, and The Wolf’s Mate in Secrets, Volume 18.)

Can one wild weekend really make up for two and a half years of planned celibacy?
Lexi O'Brien has vowed to swear off sex while she attends grad school, so when her favorite out-of-town customer asks her out as she's about to give notice at her job, she decides to indulge in an erotic fling. Little does she realize that Gage Templeton is moving home, to her city, and has no intention of settling for a short-term affair.

To My Readers: 
When I sat down to write my first erotic novella, I decided to have some fun and let my muse run wild with a title inspired by a scene from another of my stories and only a hazy idea of my hero and heroine in mind. What a thrill it was to experience Lexi and Gage taking over, surprising me with the depth of their feelings for one another, which turned out to have been present all along but required the sizzling abandon of one intense weekend to unearth. Lexi has no idea what she’s getting into when she sets her sights on seducing Gage before sentencing herself to two years of celibacy while she attends grad school. And he has no intention of letting her go now that he’s got her where he’s wanted her for months—­in his bed and in his heart.

My thanks to Wenda Dottridge and Sue Chiswell for offering vivid descriptions of the Calgary Zoo, and my gratitude to my good friend Mary J. Forbes and her husband, RCMP Assistant Commissioner (ret.) Gary Forbes, for answering my endless questions about law enforcement. All errors are mine.
I dedicate this story to Steve, whose wild weekend visits improved my GPA.

Virgin librarian, Anna Winter, gets lost on her Amazon vacation and stumbles upon a tribe whose shaman just happens to be looking for a pale-skinned virgin to deflower. Coop Daventry, a British adventurer and the tribe’s self-styled chief, has a plan to save Anna from the shaman’s bed. But which man poses a greater threat to Anna’s virginity—the shaman or Coop himself?

To My Readers: Do you remember your first time? You can bet Anna Winter will never forget hers with a mysterious British adventurer amid the hot, steamy jungle of the Amazon.

WET DREAMS by Larissa Ione
Injured and on the run, DHS agent Brent Logan needs is a miracle. What he gets is Wet Dream, a sport-fishing boat owned by Marina Summers, whose fledgling business is now in jeopardy, thanks to Brent. Pursued by killers, ravaged by a fierce storm, and plagued by engine troubles, they can do little but spend their final hours immersed in sensual pleasure. But soon they discover that the danger they face on the high seas is nothing compared to the danger to their hearts…

To My Readers: I’ve always loved stories involving strangers who find themselves alone, in danger, and mired in a situation where they must learn to trust each other in order to survive. Extreme stress strips people down to their essences, and through elements such as teamwork, honesty, vulnerability, and sacrifice, they develop intense bonds in short periods of time. I’m fascinated by this dynamic, whether the bonds form between lovers or friends, and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t gone through something similar.

In Wet Dreams, Marina Summers and Brent Logan experience this dynamic firsthand when they must conquer dangerous men, rough seas, and their own fears in order to get out of a bad situation alive. Please, come aboard and share their story.


ISBN: 9781603100922 160310092X Publication Date: 12/01/2007

"As always the Secrets collection contains the best erotic romances due to strong characterizations inside of deep plots.

The latest quartet provides a fun time for the audience even as it crosses subgenre lines."
~~Harriet Klausner's Review
4 Stars  star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif
"This perfect blend of story, romance and sizzling sensuality has hot alpha heroes and ladies who can hold their own with them. These stories will keep readers warm on a cold winter night."
Romantic Times BOOKReviews.

Volume 21: Primal Heat is worth every penny of its price. It definitelyleft me eager for the next volume.
~~Enchanting Reviews.

REVIEW: Secrets 21
4.5 Quills
"Kate St. James has just found a spot on my must have list. Secrets

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