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Secrets Volume 23 • Secret Desires - by Bonnie Dee, Calista Fox, Bethany Michaels, Roxi Romano
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Category: eBook, Action & Adventure, Capture & Bondage, Contemporary, Paranormal & Occult, Science Fiction
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $9.99
Available Format: eBook  &  Trade Paperback  
When sex slave Lazarus Stone’s mistress dies under shady circumstances, Lazarus must escape his mining colony before the authorities blame him for murder -- or worse, assign him to a new owner. Jaci Coe needs to escape, too, from the black market slave trade. Together, they fight for freedom, and find a new kind of enslavement in each other’s arms.

To My Readers: The Sex Slave will take you into a future that is not so alien from our present. There are still the haves and have-nots. Still politics, secrets and power struggles. Most importantly there is still the human condition.
Meet Lazarus Stone, a species of human with special powers that condemn him to the life of a sex slave. Just when he gets the opportunity to escape, a free-spirited girl stumbles into his path with secrets of her own. Now they both face slavery if they don’t escape.

When artist Christine Dawson is commissioned to paint a portrait of wealthy, mysterious recluse Eric Leroux, she must tear away the briars and scale the walls surrounding the heart of this scarred man. But some scars are more than skin-deep.

To My Readers: We never outgrow fairytales. Maybe that’s why there’ve been more retellings of Cinderella than practically any other story I can think of. “Poor girl makes good” never gets old. But an equally popular fairytale theme is found in Beauty and the Beast. A scarred man nurtured and saved by a strong woman’s love is the sexiest thing imaginable. I hope you enjoy this modern, erotic revisiting of one of my favorite stories.

For five hundred years, vampire Christian St. James has waited for witch Aja Woods to recover her powers -- and her memories of their love. When evil threatens, can Aja save not just their magical world, but a love that should last forever?

To My Readers: One of my favorite things about writing fiction is that I get to create imaginary worlds and populate them with people I love…or love to hate! Playing in the land of powerful witches, sexy vampires, and evil demons is all the more fun when I get to build in an ultra-steamy romance like the one Aja and Christian share. I hope you enjoy their adventure as much as I enjoyed creating it!
As always, special thanks to Alex and Cindy.
And to JT – thanks for supporting my passion for writing every step of the way!

Striving to make her mark as a scholar, Eva Blakely attends an Infamous house party to research the “Mating Rituals of the Human Male.” The notorious rake Aidan Worthington is only too happy to provide her with all the “research” she can handle. Dare she accept his offer?

To My Readers: I’ve always been kind of a nerd—bookish and somewhat of an introvert rather than a gregarious, life-of-the-party type. Some of my favorite romances star similar heroines. The type of lady who is not the belle of the ball and really has no desire to be. She knows who she is and dances through life to her own beat. Her perfect hero loves her for exactly that reason.  That’s the kind of story I tried to give Eva Blakely, my 19th century sister-nerd.  Because as long as I’m behind the keyboard, brains trump beauty and the girl with glasses always gets the guy.

ISBN: 9781603101004 1603101004 Publication Date: 12/01/2008


THE SEX SLAVE by Roxi Romano
Lazarus Stone was created for sex. Unfortunately, he needs to find the man who can help him get off the moon he's stuck on before he's sold into slavery when someone realizes what he really is. He certainly doesn't expect to become a knight in shining armor to Jaci. However, he keeps finding himself at her rescue, time and time again. Lucky for her, he's becoming addicted to having her around. When fire and ice continuously seem to come together, will either of them be able to walk away unscathed?

FOREVER MY LOVE by Calista Fox
Professor Aja Woods soon realizes the erotic dreams she's been having are actually somehow real. The man in her dreams is actually a guardian sent to watch over her—a man who loves her and makes her feel as if she's waited her whole life for him. When Aja discovers that she is actually a witch many centuries old, and a descendent of an ancient gypsy tribe, Aja's life turns upside down. Christian, her guardian angel of sorts, has been sent to help her rediscover her repressed memories. Christian isn't human, either. He's actually a vampire. When things go horribly wrong with the magic and Christian has to save her the only way he knows how, by making her one of his kind, the fates of both worlds hang in the balance. Will Christian and Aja be able to save both worlds and be together?

Christine Dawson is an artist trying to get in her first gallery show and make her life a success. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned for our heroine. Suddenly, Christine is thrust into crazy dreams where a man is trapped in a castle. Christine needs to rescue this man. Eric is a disfigured man trapped due to his own personal demons. He's not ready to face the world. He's happy being hidden from all the cruelty the world has to offer. When Christine arrives to rescue him, he thinks they're both out of their minds. There's something about this empowered woman that just melts his heart though. Will he be able to believe in her and trust that what she feels for him is real?

EDUCATING EVA by Bethany Michaels
Eva is researching mating habits in the human male to write a book. Spying on her neighbors seems to provide her with quite a lot of helpful information. When she's invited to a house party to continue her research, Ava soon discovers a very intoxicating world involving pleasures of the flesh. When she is caught by Aidan Worthington, she can't help but be humiliated. After all, it was he she was eavesdropping on while he was in coital bliss with another woman. When Eva drags Aidan into her research, he finds himself hard pressed to resist her. Soon enough, he finds himself completely breathless with passion for her. Before her "research" is through, Aidan is definitely going to make Eva his—forever.

Overall, I think SECRETS VOLUME 23: SECRET DESIRES is one of the best collections I have read from Red Sage yet. From historical to the fantastical, I was swept away to different lands and times. This is truly a collection that sends your senses into overdrive. Visually stimulating, as well as physically and mentally stimulating, I found myself on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what would happen next. My two favorite stories in this anthology were FOREVER MY LOVE and EDUCATING EVA. I really enjoyed the female heroines innocence in each story. I'm usually not a fan of sci-fi or fantasy stories, however, THE SEX SLAVE definitely kicked my libido into high gear. Lazarus and Jaci were a knock out couple. I loved their witty banter and the passion that overtook them. REFLECTIONS OF BEAUTY stole my breath away. My heart broke for Eric and his concerns about how the world would treat him due to his disfigurement. Christine and Eric are truly a Phantom of the Opera or Beauty and the Beast couple that melted my heart. I really enjoy the fact that each story in these anthologies is different. I get to enjoy all different types of genres from these amazing authors and I get to move with the characters from one world to another.
The SECRETS books are some of my favorite collections and these authors and stories are the reason why.
~~Amanda Haffery - DARK ANGEL REVIEWS

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