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Secrets Volume 26 • Bound by Passion - by Juliet Burns, Rachel Carrington, Calista Fox, Kate St. James
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Category: Trade Paperback, Action & Adventure, Capture & Bondage, Contemporary, Paranormal & Occult, Science Fiction
Length: Epic Novel
MSRP/List Price: $12.99
Our Cover Price: $5.50
Available Format: Paperback   &  eBook  
Witches and Wizards don’t mix. Every magical being knows that. Yet when a little mischievous magic thrusts Ella and Kevlin together, they don’t just mix.
They combust. The Wizards chase the lusty pair on a wild flight through the galaxy even as Kevlin chases Ella...into bed.

To My Readers: My fascination with wizards continues in Enchanted Spell. Of course, in my fantasy worlds, wizards and witches don’t mix. That could be a problem considering the heroine is a witch, and she just happens to find herself right in the center of Wizard Country looking up at a very angry wizard. Let the fun begin!

I want to thank each and every one of you who have purchased this book and invested your time in reading it. Your support means a lot, and I wish you all the best life has to offer!
To my special readers, Michelle, Debbie, Jennifer, and Rene—a simple thank you could never be enough to express how grateful for each of you!

McCarthy Portman is the matchmaking maven behind the Manhattan dating service, Rendezvous. When her software pairs her with wild and wicked Josh Kensington,
McCarthy’s beliefs about love are turned upside down. Josh breaks every barrier protecting her heart, but can he win her love for keeps?

To My Readers: I have a soft spot for bad boys with big hearts. I love a tough exterior, but even more compelling is the mushy heart that lies beneath it. Josh Kensington is a fun hero—he’s smart, he’s successful and he’s a wild-child at heart. But when Josh loves, he does it for keeps.
I first introduced Josh in Intimate Rendezvous (Secrets, Volume 17), and though I had not initially intended a story for him in the Rendezvous trilogy, by the time I reached the third story, I knew he was going to be my hero. I hope you find his fun-loving, big-hearted ways as endearing as I do. And what better heroine to match him with than Rendezvous’ very own dating guru, McCarthy Portman? Fire and ice? Oil and water? I think not. These two know how to set the sheets ablaze!

Courtesan Eva Werner is the perfect double agent, England’s secret weapon against Napoleon. When she must rescue a British spy at a sadistic marquis'
depraved house party, she makes the spy her love slave for the marquis’s pleasure. But who is slave and who is master?

To My Readers: From the age of 12 I’ve been fascinated with anything British, and especially the Regency era. As a teen, I spent my summers reading Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Barbara Cartland. Last summer I watched the BBC America Sharpe mini-series starring the yummy Sean Bean, and was inspired to write about a British major fighting against Napoleon. Major Ambrose Delacourt is a veteran soldier; strong, sexy, and… about to meet his match! Enjoy!


Former lovers Risa Haber and Eric Lange are partners in a catering business, but Eric can’t seem to remain a silent partner. Risa offers one night of carnal
delights if he’ll sell her his share then disappear forever. Eric figures he has to play along--or does he?

To My Readers: I’ve always treasured stories about reunited lovers. There’s just something about all that emotional angst as the couple strives to overcome past mistakes and emerge stronger than before that tugs at my heart strings. Knowing how amazing the sex was between them—and could be again—ratchets the tension higher. In Exes and Ahhhs, Risa Haber and Eric Lange find themselves on such a journey. Please enter their world and enjoy the sweet sensations they generate.
This story is dedicated to my friend and critique partner, Brenda K. Jernigan, who patiently and quickly reads everything I write. Thank you, Brenda, for sticking by me all these years.

ISBN: 9781603100069 1603100067 Publication Date: 12/01/2008



Secrets Volume 26 BOUND BY PASSION
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4 Stars!!star_full.gif
Secret Rendezvous - Calista Fox
Calista Fox has created a sexy interlude for her fans. McCarthy was tired of being a good girl. Secrets Volume 26 BOUND BY PASSION. She wanted sexy Josh Kensington and being a good girl was not going to win his love. Owning an online dating service would be very interesting!
Enchanted Spell - Rachel Carrington
Ella literally fell into the arms of Kevlin. Witches and wizards do not match, but these two couldn’t resist each other. Enchanted Spell has an interesting plot.
Exes and Ahhhs - Kate St. James
Risa and Eric are co-owners of “Sweet Sensations”, a catering business. Eric was supposed to be a silent partner, but lately he just could not keep his mouth shut. He broke her heart once before, and she would not allow him to do it again. It is always nice to read a story where lovers are reunited.
The Spy’s Surrender - Juliet Burns
“The Spy’s Surrender” is my favorite story in this anthology. Major Lord Ambrose Delacort was captive of Napoleon and tortured. Madame Eva Mystere was a British spy. Her assignment, rescue Delacort. She would do whatever it took to save his life. The passion and emotion in “The Spy’s Surrender” is sure to win fans.
Volume 26, Secrets is an anthology of four short romantica tales. The connecting thread is the secrets. Each story is well-written. As I stated above, my favorite is Juliet Burns’ “The Spy’s Surrender.” Fans of romantica will enjoy Volume 26, Secrets.
~~Anne Boling for ReviewYourBook.com

    In Secret Rendezvous by Calista Fox, McCarthy Portman works for a dating agency, Rendezvous. Despite her success in finding men for the women on her books, McCarthy is single. She’s getting desperate, so she runs her own name through the computer – and is matched with Josh Kensington, the hot bad-boy owner of trendy nightclub The Rage.
McCarthy can’t believe it. Josh is sexier than hell but not her type at all – or is he? Josh’s cousin Cass owns Rendezvous and often says she wishes Josh would settle down with a nice girl. But Josh doesn’t do nice girls – or at least, not until McCarthy crosses his path…
    This is, as McCarthy thinks at one point, ‘shameless, naughty fun’. The good-girl-ensnares-bad-boy plot is always a winning combination for me, and Ms Fox manages this seamlessly and stylishly. I liked both Josh and McCarthy: Josh is super-sexy and honest with his emotions in every way, and McCarthy is sweet and confident, surprising herself when it comes to flirting and seduction. I loved the sense of humour behind this novella – several moments made me giggle. Also, this one had such a great line: The last vestiges of prudence lay scattered at her feet, sexual road kill.
Loved it! 4 and a half flutes.
     A change of pace to the world of fantasy brings us to Enchanted Spell by Rachel Carrington. Ella, a witch, is suddenly torn from her home and dumped in Wizard Country, where wizard Kevlin is concerned about what’s happened to his brother, who vanished the same time as Ella arrived. Adding to the complications is the fact that Kevlin’s father, Oriel, is dying – and a wizard can only be killed if a witch is involved. Ella doesn’t have a clue what’s happening around her. Can she and Kevlin discover who’s behind the evil plot before Oriel dies?
This one felt a bit self-conscious and, while fun, was overly sassy with too many wisecracks for my taste. The characterisation is a bit one-dimensional and there’s little attempt at world-building. Entertaining but forgettable. 3 and a half flutes.
    In Exes and Ahhhs by Kate St James, Risa Haber works with her ex-lover Eric Lange. She makes and decorates cakes – including ‘erotic desserts’ – and he owns an Italian restaurant. He’s the sleeping partner in her job, a catering company named Sweet Sensations, but he drops in so often that Risa finds it hard to remember just why they split up in the first place.
Eric is still in love with Risa and he’s determined they should be together permanently. But when he suggests they have two weeks of dating, Risa turns him down. She says she’ll only give him one night – and Eric is certain he can fulfil her favourite fantasy and win her back. But Risa doesn’t want to give in so easily…
     This was brilliant! I loved the opening scene of this novella – it’s hilarious, saucy, and a great introduction to Risa and Eric. The love scenes are blisteringly hot and very, very sexy. Ms St James spins some fantastic characterisation, not just with Risa and Eric but also with best friend Kyla and cute chef Dante, plus aging porn star Lainey. This is easily one of my favourite erotic romances of recent months. 5 and a half flutes.
    The final novella in the anthology, The Spy’s Surrender by Juliet Burns, is a historical set during the Napoleonic War. Major Ambrose Delacourt, a spy for the British, has been captured by the French. His imprisonment is brutal, but he refuses to give his captors information – and so he’s delivered to Eva, a courtesan known as Madame Mystère, to be her love-slave and to entertain the guests of Madame’s protector, the odious Marquis de Séréville.
    Eva knows she’s playing a dangerous game. She must save the handsome major, but to do so she must risk exposing her true identity – and perhaps losing her own life…
    This is an enjoyable, exciting and action-packed historical romp with two sympathetic characters. I really liked Ambrose – he’s sexy and honourable – and Eva is sharp-witted and courageous. The first sex scene has Eva as a dominatrix, which was both a pleasant surprise and also a great way of establishing their characters. The dirty versions of Shakespeare plays are an inspired touch, too. A great read – 4 and a half flutes.
    Another strong collection from Red Sage, with something for everyone. Stories range from hot contemporaries to an erotic historical via a sexy fantasy. My personal favourite was Kate St James’ story, and for me Rachel Carrington’s story was the weakest, although it was a lot of fun. The novellas by Calista Fox and Juliet Burns were both sexy and enjoyable. Overall, an excellent anthology that I’d recommend to any readers of the erotic romance genre. Final score: 4 and a half flutes.

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