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Secrets Volume 27 • Untamed Pleasures - by Leigh Court, Hannah Murray, Nicole North, Liane Gentry Skye
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Category: eBook, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery & Detective, Paranormal & Occult
Length: Epic Novel
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I can make a woman come using just my words…
That outrageous claim by a very drunk Damian Hunt, Viscount Atherton, somehow escalates into a high stakes wager between two best friends: Damian bets his prized racehorse that he can do it… George Beringer gambles his London townhouse that Damian can’t. And the surprising woman George chooses for the bet is not only a virgin, she’s also George’s very respectable sister, Claire -- and to complicate matters even more, once Damian lays eyes on her, the stakes escalate in the most unpredictable way…

To My Readers:
What happens when a boring winter’s night prompts two best friends to make an outrageous wager? The stakes run so high that losing simply can’t be contemplated! There’s just one unexpected twist, and her name is Claire…  


Isabella Carelli isn’t just looking for Mr. Right, she’s looking for Mr. Tie Me Up And Do Me Right. In all the wrong places. Fortunately, the right place is right next door. And the boy next door is just about ready to make his move...

To My Readers:
Isabella and Jacob’s story is full of laughs, love, and rope – a lot of rope.  And boy, do they have fun with it!  I hope you do, too.

A trip to the Highland Games turns into a trip to the past when modern day Shauna MacRae touches Gavin MacTavish’s four-hundred-year-old claymore. What she finds is a Devil In a Kilt she’s had erotic fantasies about for months. Can Shauna break the curse imprisoning this shape shifting laird and his clan before an evil witch sends Shauna back to her time and takes Gavin as her sex slave?

To My Readers: Who can resist a hunky Highlander in a kilt? Not me, and not Shauna MacRae who finds her erotic fantasies come to life when she travels almost 400 years into the past to the Highlands of Scotland and a cursed laird in need of her love. I hope you enjoy this adventure!


Sirenia's final breeding moon is upon her. She is the last fertile mermaid of her brood. Racing against a hurricane, she must search out and mate with the only merman who can save her kind--the prophesied Lost Son of Triton. When Sirenia rescues injured Navy SEAL, Byron Burke from drowning, she seals herself into his life debt. When the time comes to ask Byron for her freedom, her heart threatens to stand in the way of the last, best hope for her kind.

To My Readers:
A lifelong fascination with mermaids, a kayaking trip through the mangroves of Tarpon
Bay and a snapshot sent to me by a friend provided the inspirations for Heart's Storm. I hope you enjoy!


ISBN: 9781603101165 1603101160 Publication Date: 07/01/2009


First Coast Romance Writers are pleased to present
THE BEACON - 2010 Published Division
An Award for Excellence in Romance

The Bet by Leigh Court

Beacon_Logo100.jpg  Romance Novella





Score: (4.5 out of 5)
Secrets, Volume 27 is the latest offering of short stories that are long on romance, spice, adventure and excitement.

"Heart Storm" by Liane Gentry Skye features Sirenia as the last fertile mermaid, upon whom all the hopes of her brood depend. She must find a merman to mate with in a race against time. When she stumbles upon injured and drowning Navy SEAL Byron Burke, she becomes responsible for him, endangering the future of her brood. Will Triton allow these two to have a future together, at the cost of all merkind?
This story was filled with fantasy, intrigue, romance and sex, all combining for a fun and enjoyable read.

"The Boy Next Door" by Hannah Murray showcases Isabella Carelli who has just been dumped for being too adventurous in bed. All she is looking for is someone with a little bit of spice, one who is willing to push the boundaries in the bedroom. Jacob Hale, her next-door neighbor has asked her out, but Isabella considers herself too "vanilla" to even consider. Can he show her that he knows how to handle the ropes in and out of the bedroom?
This was a highly sensuous read, daring and seductive, fun and romantic, all at once.

"Devil in a Kilt" by Nicole North has Shauna MacRae being thrust into the past after handling a claymore at the Highland Games. Gavin MacTavish believes Shauna has been sent to be his wife, hoping she can help break the curse placed upon him by a vindictive witch. Can Shauna convince Gavin of the truth, will Gavin be able to win Shauna's heart? Will these two lovers be able to overcome the evil that threatens them both?
Nicole North has penned a creative and interesting time travel romance. This could easily be pushed into a longer novel, as it ends much too quickly, leaving the reader wanting more.

"The Bet" by Leigh Court features a drunk and cocky Damian Hunt betting his friend George Beringer that he can make a woman come just with words. Damian puts his prized racehorse up against George's London townhouse in the highs takes wager. George gets to choose the woman, so he chooses his very virgin sister, Claire. Is Damian willing to throw his conscience aside to win this bet, or will he end up losing more than his horse? Maybe even his heart?
This was a scintillating historical romance.

This collection will thrill and please readers with its varied stories, suitable for all tastes. The only regret will be having missed the previous collections. So, collect them all!

Liane Gentry Skye, Hannah Murray, Nicole North, & Leigh Court

Erotic Anthology
SECRETS VOLUME 27 is the most enjoyable erotic anthology that I have ever read.

HEART STORM--Liane Gentry Skye
Skeleton’s Graveyard, The Tropics—Present Day

After her sister fails to conceive a child, Sirenia becomes the last fertile female of her mermaid kind. A sterilizing disease has stricken all of the males in her brood and she must race a hurricane to find a sacred tablet that will predict the one male that can father a child. Sirenia must search out and mate with the only merman who can save her kind—the prophesied Lost Son of Triton.

But Ba’at Rath wants to be the King of all merfolk and he must convince the ruling council that he can father a child in order to achieve his dreams. When Sirenia rescues injured Navy SEAL Byron Burke from drowning, she seals herself into his life debt and threatens all of Ba’at Rath’s plans. Neither Sirenia nor Byron knows that Ba’at Rath is harboring a dangerous secret that effects them all.  Will they learn the truth in time to save themselves, their love, and Sirenia’s people?
Liane Gentry Skye creates a memorable underwater world with danger and liquid hot sex in this oceanic tale. The main characters are wonderfully written and the story is the perfect length for a sit-down read without leaving any unanswered questions.


All Isabella Carelli wants is little bondage, a slap on the ass once in a while, maybe a nipple clamp here and there. If her alternative lifestyle ex-boyfriend thinks she’s ‘too freaky,’ then it’s a sure bet that her good-looking, responsible next-door neighbor will think she’s twisted.

But Jacob Hale is anything but vanilla and he’s eager for a chance to tie Isa up. After mistaking a candlelit bubble bath for a burglar’s flickering flashlight he finds Isa in a very interesting state. He also learns exactly why she turned down his casual dinner offer when she joined the neighborhood.  Things get chilling when Isa’s ex decides he wants to tie her up after all.

Hannah Murray creates every erotic book-lovers favorite rope fantasy in this sexy little tidbit. She has got it all, lust, bondage, danger and a happily-ever after.

DEVIL IN A KILT—Nicole North
North Carolina--Present Day
Scottish Highlands—1621

Shauna MacRae  has been fantasizing about the sexy Highland hunk on the cover of a romance novel  for weeks, and in an effort to end her distraction she goes to the modern day Highland Games wearing her grandmothers antique brooch. After a mysterious highlander tricks her into touching an equally old sword she finds herself ensnared in Gavin MacTavish’s 400-year-old castle and meets her fantasy hunk in the flesh.

But Gavin and his clan are caught in an evil witch’s curse. He’s hiding a dark secret and his demented father is convinced that Shauna is the only woman who can break the curse. But will she stay in the past or return to her own time before the witch is defeated?

Nicole North does a fabulous job blending the present day and the 16th Century Highlands. Shauna brings modern day sexuality to a time when men were real men. The combination is sure to leave readers panting for more. I also enjoyed the witty dialog as these two very different main characters found true love.

THE BET--Leigh Court
The English Countryside—Regency Era

One dreary winter’s night two best friends beginning bragging about their sexual prowess when one Damian Hunt, Viscount Atherton, boasts  that he can  make a woman come by using just his words. Not to miss a prime opportunity for personal gain, George Beringer bets his London townhouse against Damian’s new racehorse knowing there is no way that his prudish, stuck up, moralistic sister will cave to Damian’s wicked charms.

 But Claire isn’t all that her brother believes her to be. Underneath her stern prim and proper ways is the restless body of a warm and passionate woman. She fights her own sexuality simply because she doesn’t want to be associated with her scandalous brother. After renewing her acquaintance with Damien in the country, she must not only fight herself, but also his effect on her mind and body.

These three bold characters in THE BET bring some much needed humor to a cold winter’s night. Leigh Court’s comedic look at virtue verses vice will leave readers laughing in their seats and feeling every bit of Claire’s and Damian’s frustrations. Never fear, Court delivers on all accounts and readers will be very satisfied in the end.

SECRETS VOLUME 27 is the most enjoyable erotic anthology that I have ever read. Each story represents a different sub-genre in erotic fiction providing a buffet of talents and entertainment. The sex scenes are all fantastic, the heroes inspire imagination, the heroines are easy to identify with, and the dialogs are witty.   SECRETS VOLUME 27 is a must for new and experience erotic readers.

~~ Mel Mason - RRTErotic

Secrets Vol 27 by Liane Gentry Skye, Hannah Murray, Nicole North, Leigh Court
Untamed Pleasures

“Heart Storm” by Liane Gentry Skye

Sirenia is the mermaid chosen to save all of merkind.  As she swims to the mangrove where she will meet and mate with Triton’s Lost Son, she saves Navy SEAL Lieutenant Byron Burke from drowning. Sirenia and Byron can’t resist each other, but they are not meant to be. Ba’at Rath, a merman who wants the power that will go along with mating to Sirenia, will stop at nothing to have her for himself.
Sirenia is exactly what I would expect a mermaid to look like: her flowing blonde hair, freckles, and the pearl of skin between her eyes, make her ethereal and beautiful. She reminds me of a Barbie. “Heart Storm” moves fast for such an intense story, but it’s entertaining, sensual, and romantic.

“The Boy Next Door” by Hannah Murray

Jacob Hale and Isabella Carelli are neighbors and friends. Jacob would like them to be lovers, but Isa turned him down the one time he asked her out. Isa wants more than vanilla in the bedroom and she’s convinced that Jacob would be turned off by her darker desires. She may have been right about her ex-boyfriend feeling that way, but she might be wrong about Jacob.
Isa makes the mistake of judging a book by its cover in “The Boy Next Door.” Jacob is so much more than a nice guy. He’s commanding and kinky and just what Isa was looking for. Isa unknowingly wasted a lot of time being lonely when she could have been tied up in Jacob’s bed!  “The Boy Next Door” is a little kinky and a lot romantic.

“Devil in a Kilt” by Nicole North
Shauna MacRae should be happy that she’s met the man of her dreams, but meeting Gavin MacTavish throws her back in time to the Highlands of 1651. Now, Shauna has to break a curse, fight a witch, and find a way for her and Gavin to stay together.  
I’m a sucker for a tortured hero. Make him a Scottish laird, and I’ve got everything I need.  “Devil in a Kilt” has more than a sexy Scotsman, though. It’s a sensual, exciting story full of romance. Gavin being a cursed shape-shifter makes “Devil in a Kilt” a little different than other time travel stories. In “Devil in a Kilt,” the guy is hot, the sex is hotter, and the story is romantic and fun.

“The Bet” by Leigh Court
Damian Hunt has bet his friend George Beringer that he can make a woman orgasm using only his words. George agrees to the wager on one condition: he chooses the woman. George chooses his prudish and innocent sister Claire, thinking Damien will have no chance of seducing her. Damien wants to win the wager, but soon, he wants Claire, too. Can he have both?  
Because of great writing, “The Bet” feels like a novel instead of a short story. I felt like I got to know Damien and Claire well enough so their fast-paced romance didn’t feel forced. Of course, added length would give more details, but “The Bet” is just fine the way it is. Damien weaves an erotic web around Claire on almost every page that she was inevitably going to fall into. His words are as powerful as his touch. “The Bet” is a wonderfully sensual historical romance with charismatic characters and an angst-filled storyline.  

The stories in Secrets 27, Untamed Pleasures are very different, so there’s something for everyone. They have a few things in common, though: hot men and even hotter sex. With wonderful stories and interesting characters, Secrets 27, Untamed Pleasures fulfills secret fantasies.
Reviewed by Nannette ~~JoyfullyReviewed.com

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