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Sex and the Single Pearl - by Mia Varano
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Category: Contemporary, Erotica, Fantasy, Magic, Ménage à trois
Length: Novelette'
MSRP/List Price: $3.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Urban legend promises the woman who finds the single pearl one week of pure sexual fulfillment, so L.A. attorney, Kyra Davis, is thrilled when she finds the fabled gem. There’s only one problem. Kyra doesn’t even know her own sexual fantasies. Can hot-shot sports attorney, Gavin St. Clair, help her realize those fantasies? Gavin doesn’t know a thing about the single pearl, but he does know he wants to lead the reserved Kyra on an exploration of her deepest desires.

To My Readers: Don’t you wish there was a magic key to unlock your deepest, darkest passions? If so, if you’re ever in L.A. and you find a single pearl on a gold chain, pick it up, clasp it around your neck, and feel the magic.

ISBN: 9781603102148 1603102140 Publication Date: 08/01/2008

Sex and the Single Pearl by Mia Varano

5 Stars star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

The legendary gold necklace with the exquisite solitary pearl lay at her feet, beckoning Kyra to fasten it around her neck. Legend purported that the lucky single that found and wore the necklace of have one week of incredible sex. It appeared only for those that needed sexual fulfillment. The necklace seemed to work its magic when Kyra saw Gavin. He was determined to make her fantasies come true. Sex and the Single Pearl by Mia Varano is a delightful romantic short story. The scenes are unbelievable hot and steamy. Fans of romantica will be please with Sex and the Single Pearl. I’ll be watching for more of Mia Varano’s stories.

~~Reviewed by Anne Boling for ReviewYourBook.com, 09/08

Title: Sex and the Single Pearl

Author: Mia Varano

Rating: 4/5 Stars star_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gifstar_full.gif

Heat level: H

Sex and the Single Pearl is a spicy read. It grabbed me and made me love the two main characters. Kyra is living the fairy tale every woman would like to have. Gavin is the type of man every woman would like to make her fantasies come true. The plot is well written and creative. The story moved at just the right pace to keep me riveted and needing to finish this very short book in one read. The sex was very arousing. When Kyra has two men at one time my heat level jumped through the roof. Ms. Varano wove love into this very sexy story in just the right way to make it a book I will long remember. I strongly recommend Sex and the Single Pearl for a very lovely afternoon or bedtime read. Keep a cool drink handy. You will need it.

~~Wendy Cable ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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