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She Waited - by Danielle Kase
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Category: BDSM, Paranormal, Fantasy Mythic, Goddess, Witch, Immortals, Shadows
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
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Description: Modern day Kylie enters the unbelievable world of sexual slavery, a world designed to resemble ancient medieval times. Bought by the notorious Pain Master, a Man so feared He is spoken of only in whispers, she believes her nightmare can't get any worse. Then she gets a taste of His whip and her nightmare becomes her deepest fantasy. As Kylie receives more training in the arts of pleasure, she discovers glorious delights from a Master who is at heart simply a Man longing for love, yet is forbidden to do so. Centuries ago, Brendan made a choice that cursed him to walk the earth until he fulfilled his vow. Separated from his beloved wife Brianna, who must remain a Shadow until his curse is broken, he must discover a way to correct his wrong before time runs out and he is forever damned. Celtic goddess Dubh Lacha guarded her adored Erin Isle and its women until the witch Chlaus persuaded the world of men gods and goddesses weren't needed. Caught in an ageless battle with Chlaus, she makes one final wager to determine who will be the victor, who will eternally disappear and the fate of Master's world. Intense with dashes of humor, hot sex, cat fights, belly dancing and lots of BDSM, SHE WAITED is a multi genre novel that begins with a promise broken to a goddess and a slave auction like no other. Add in a Master determined to ignore the Immortals trying to shape--or end-- His world; a woman determined not to be a submissive-- until she experiences the power a submissive truly holds; and a long suffering Shadow determined to be a silent spectator no longer and all the elements of a mesmerizing journey fall into place. SHE WAITED-- for bondage? Freedom? Power? Victory? Love? Read on and find out.

Reader Alert! Kylie never dreamed being bound with chains then whipped could be so sensational. Journey with Kylie in her lessons but have a bucket of ice and a fan handy!

To My Readers: Getting what we want is half knowing what we really desire and half knowing how to get it. I always wanted to be a writer yet it took Kylie and her Master insistently tapping on my shoulder (sometimes with His whip) to convince me to tell their story. Their tale is filled with deliciously hot sex and discovering deepest pleasures. Kylie showed her needs and how she learns ultimate power in being a submissive. Then her Master took over: strong, forceful, a tad scary and utterly charming. He hides secrets, fears and a life altering choice: throw away centuries of tradition and wealth for a woman who can give him nothing but love or change the fate of untold numbers of captives. Then there's Brendan, who made the wrong choice and lost everything, including his faithful wife Brianna plus the ageless battle between a Celtic goddess and an evil witch constantly interrupting everything and everyone. Whew! It's quite an adventure when we dig deep into our own souls. And well worth it. Thank you, Kylie and Master for helping me find what I really want.

About the Author: I used to follow tradition, play things safe. It's boring. And it doesn't fulfill you. Like eating broccoli when you really want chocolate: you always have this gnawing need for something else, something better, something more. Finding what exactly that is can often be a long, hard battle with loads of choices and decisions along the way. But it can also be the most satisfying, sigh-inspiring thing you ever do. Settle in with me, a cup of tea, some chocolate and Kylie's story. You won't regret it

ISBN: 9781603108690 1603108696 Publication Date: 12/2014
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