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Show Me The Ropes - by Roz Lee
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Category: BDSM, Contemporary, Romance
Series: The Lothario Series
Length: Novel Class
MSRP/List Price: $5.99
Our Cover Price: $3.99
Available Format: eBook  

For two years, Richard Wolfe, Cruise Director and Co-owner of the Lothario has been in love with the lovely Dr. Fallon Enright. When she hired on to provide oral sex classes, she did it with the stipulation she could document the sessions as research for a self-help book. Because of that research, and Fallon’s frustratingly admirable ethics, she’s made it clear she wouldn’t have a personal relationship with her employer. He was sure his well-deserved reputation as an international playboy had a lot to do with her decision.
She’d captured Richard’s attention, and his heart, and he’d done everything he could think of to change her mind. Some of his ideas had been stupider than others, but the one thing he was convinced would change her mind was the one thing he wasn’t sure he’d ever have the opportunity to tell her.
Then Fallon walked into his office and declared her research complete, and asked for an early release from her contract. Something inside him snapped. Desperate for one last chance to convince her he was a changed man, and his love was real, Richard stooped to an all-time low. Blackmailing her into being his sex slave for one week-long cruise in exchange for the early release she wanted was a risk. A big one if she filed sexual harassment charges instead of agreeing. She’d win in a court of law and he and his partner Ryan could lose everything.
Fallon couldn’t believe she had agreed to Richard’s asinine plan. There was something about his tone of voice, when he stipulated she would have to submit to him, in all things. The possibilities sent a shiver up her spine. She’d never thought about being a Sub, but somehow the idea of submitting to Richard felt right.
In the course of the week, Richard and Fallon learn a lot about each other, and perhaps more about themselves, as their relationship takes them both into uncharted waters. When at last, Richard reveals everything to Fallon, will it be enough to convince her that his is a binding love?
To My Reader:
Show Me the Ropes is the second book in the Lothario Series, based on the passengers and crew of the fictional cruise ship, the Lothario, widely known as The Lust Boat. The Lothario is a ship dedicated to all things sexual. It’s a place to openly live your chosen lifestyle, or experiment with something you’ve always been curious about, but have been afraid to try.
In the first book, I told Candace and Ryan’s story. You may remember Richard and Fallon from The Lust Boat. They both played a part in helping Candace and Ryan find their happily ever after.
In Show Me the Ropes, its Richard and Fallon’s turn, and I couldn’t be more pleased to tell you their story.
 Everyone knows there has to be more than love to make a relationship work. In Show Me the Ropes, Richard and Fallon learn a lot about each other, and even more about themselves on the way to their happy ending. It’s gripping, sometimes shocking, and always hot, hot, hot. Just the way I like it!


ISBN: 9781603106085 1603106081 Publication Date: 03/2011

Review of Show Me The Ropes

Lothario Series, #2 

Author: Roz Lee


ISBN: 9781603106085

Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Inc.

Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, BDSM

Reviewed by: Talina

SUMMARY: (taken from the authors site)

He’s going to hell. Not that he’s any stranger to the place. For two years Richard Wolfe has lived in a self-imposed hell in order to prove his devotion to the woman he loves. When Dr. Fallon Enright asks for an early release from her contract with the Lothario, Richard knows his time has run out. Desperate to keep her onboard, he stoops to an all-time low, even for him.

Fallon knew it wouldn't be easy to walk away from the Lothario, and the man she loves, but she never dreamed Richard would stoop to blackmail to keep her on board. Worse, instead of leveling charges of sexual harassment, she’d agreed to his asinine plan. For the next week, she would submit to Richard, in all things. The possibilities sent a shiver down her spine.


He was the literal incarnation of the figurative ropes he had given her. ~ Fallon


Ever since That Day, Richard had pursued her, vigorously at first, and more subtly the last few months. He‘d tried every trick in the book to get her into bed, but she‘d told him, in clear, standard American English, that she wouldn‘t jeopardize her research, or get involved with her employer, especially while said employer scr**** every willing female in sight.


Ms. Lee has written a wonderful addition to her Lothario series. Show Me The Ropes is a figurative and literal play between Fallon and Richard. The level of sensuality and emotion had me turning page after page. There are not many books that I will finish in one day, however Show Me The Ropes is a story that I could not put down. Each love scene brought emotional tension to the plot while captivating the senses with a sensuality far deeper than any words could provide, yet the detail was spot on! As the story progresses you get to 'watch' as the binding ropes tether them to one another in a way that will leave you with a warm heart and a pleasant smile on your face.

Fallon and Richard have spent the last two years in love with one another, yet unable to come together because of work related principles. However the main barrier that kept them apart was fear. In Show Me The Ropes, both characters are able to explore one another, explore how they feel about the emotions that were buried for those two years and discover the since of freedom they find together. The story was touching at times with how Richard wanted nothing more than for Fallon to be truly happy, no matter the personal sacrifice. From there the story escalates to new heights of passion between the two characters only to send me plunging to the depths waiting to see how, and if, they truly find what they are each looking for.

Show Me The Ropes bestowed upon me a renewed passion for that thing we call love, an unsuspected suspense, and a happily ever after perfectly wrapped up by the end. I can't wait for the next addition to the Lothario family!


Show Me The Ropes takes place on the cruise ship The Lothario. A cruise ship set to help adults live out their fantasies as well as discover true happiness and freedom within themselves. The story moves throughout each level offering decadent locations up for the setting such as The Chocolate Buffet and the sound proof room below deck where many a confession are placed on the table. We're also treated to 'seeing' the captain's bridge, which I find completely fascinating although the time spent there is very limited and did not include anything sexy.


Ms. Lee's writing style allows the emotions of each character to shine brightest of all, while enabling the reader to enjoy the environment or setting of the story. Her ability to weave together the characters inner thoughts with dialogue and on-goings surrounding the characters is a testament to her writing ability. She pulls in the reader with her prose and delivers a beautiful and well written story.


Fallon is a highly educated woman that spends her days helping many adults discover sexual freedom and happiness with their partners, aka, a goddess of a sex therapist! I found it fascinating how she was unable to help herself find this same connection in her own life though. A character flaw many can relate to. She's a compassionate, caring person yet unable to reach out and grasp what she wants in life. So, instead she spends two years hiding behind the walls of both fear and professional principles. Richard on the other hand is desperate to get Fallon to see how much he cares for her before she leaves the ship for good. He's willing to stop at nothing to claim Fallon as his, even if it means blackmail...of the lusty kind! The minute Richard's clever mind whipped up his naughty plan to get Fallon to step out of her comfort zone and into his arms I knew he was the man for her. He knew his Fallon far more than she knew herself. He ability to push her boundaries just enough to get her to let go and trust him, sealed the deal for me. Their journey is a bit of rough sailing at times, but the wonderful ending was worth rocking the boat for!


Roz Lee is on fire! Her first book was fabulous and if possible her second book is even better. She's taken fantasies to new levels and has given them a wonderful place in contemporary erotic romance. Show Me The Ropes is a must read for everyone looking for a wonderful love story and spicy romance mixed into one! I am definitely looking forward to more Lothario installments.



Title: Show Me the Ropes

Author: Roz Lee


     Show Me the Ropes - Roz Lee


   Title: Show Me the Ropes
   Author: Roz Lee
   Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Inc.
   Genre: BDSM, Contemporary
   ISBN: 978160310692
   Pages: 198
   Series: Lothario Series, Book 2
Reviewer: Tim



M/F - oral sex, public sex, wrist/ankle

        restraints, gag & blindfold, spanking, collar,

        chastity chains





Ahoy, Mateys! Prepare to be boarded! Show Me the Ropes Lothario series 2 by Roz Lee, takes place aboard the Lothario, a cruise ship that offers more than shuffleboard. The vessel is nicknamed “The Lust Boat” and with good reason – the passengers are encouraged to engage in unbridled sex, with or without proper cruise attire.

We are introduced to Fallon, the onboard sex therapist (a dream gig if I ever heard one!) and Richard, the ship’s handsome owner. Fallon has always had an unrequited thing for Richard but never acted on it because he’s her employer (and when did erotica become politically correct?). Richard has also had eyes for Fallon. One day he terminates her employment so they can enjoy the latest lusty cruise as passengers and indulge in some fantasies – and what fantasies they explore! Richard surprises Fallon with a few things she never learned in sex therapy school, but is she really into his domination games? Is Richard harboring a dark desire that only comes out of hiding during sex? Will Fallon come to regret her crush on the handsome Skipper and jump ship?

Ms. Lee writes in a lighthearted style that will keep you entertained. She’s one of the few female romance authors I’ve read who accurately depicts her male characters, and I wish more authors would take a few lessons from her. The sex scenes are hotter than Bermuda in July, and her description of the activities on the cruise will have you contacting your travel agent to book passage. Just put your inhibitions on hold and enjoy the ride, but watch out for that tidal wave on the horizon.   Written by Tim


MR Review
Reviewer: Patrizia Murray

Take a cruise ship that caters to anyone wanting to improve their love life, (clothing optional), plus a Dr. Laura Berman-type (she’s the sex therapist on the Oprah network). Turn them loose on the high seas, where the ship cruises around, allowing lots of time for sex lessons, fantasy-fulfilling, meeting like-minded potential partners and you have the Lothario, a floating combination nudist colony, permissive lifestyle, everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-sex fantasy for consenting adults.

Fallon is the sex therapist, whose specialty is teaching couples how to satisfy each other with oral sex. Richard is the co-owner of the ship. They have been in love with each other since they first laid eyes on each other two whole years ago. Fallon won’t give in to Richard’s flirting, because she doesn’t want to be only one in the long line of women Richard has seduced on all his weekly cruises. Richard wants to prove to Fallon that he really loves her, so he resorts to a surprising and painful method to show her he’s not interested in any woman but her.

To get her attention, he finally ends up blackmailing her into being his submissive for seven days. She figures this might be her only chance to ever be with him, so she agrees.

What follows is erotica at its best. Every sense and sensation is explored to the fullest and Fallon finds herself unable to resist the literal and figurative binding Richard offers her. He is the consummate lover and Fallon is treated to every sensual feeling he can dream up to show her his love.

There is a secondary plot involving sabotage on the ship, which meshes nicely with the main plot. The writing is sensual, sensitive and well-crafted. There is just enough conflict to keep you reading till 2am and the ending, for being fairly predictable, is just right. You will enjoy the sexuality, but more, the sensuality of Show Me the Ropes.


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