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Sofia's Lobo - by Lauren Blades
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Category: Mystery & Detective, Paranormal & Occult, Shapeshifter, Werewolf
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $5.50
Our Cover Price: $3.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: After a six-year absence, Sofia Tijerina has returned to her native Juarez, Mexico, with the crew for her reality show This Old Haunted House. Her mission? To film the ghost of La Llorana, a woman who is said to have murdered her children to please her lover’s demands, and then to have taken her own life in despair. La Llorana reappears every year on the anniversary of her death, and Sofia knows what a ratings boost she would get from capturing footage of this annual haunting. But La Llorana isn’t the only specter in Juaraz that can haunt Sofia. Antonio Valdes, the sexy werewolf lover she left six years ago, taught her about the truth that lies behind paranormal stories. In a way, he inspired her career as a TV ghost hunter. And now he’s a terrible distraction and a temptation she can't resist. When Sofia begins to have visions of the female ghost, she realizes that Antonio is tied to the mystery of the spirit’s fate. Will the secrets he kept from Sofia all those years ago resurface to tear them apart once again?

To My Readers: I can't begin to express how thrilled I am to share Sofia and Antonio's story with you. He's a sexy werewolf, she's a ghost hunter and television personality. Together they're steaming up the Rio Grande as they try to unravel the mystery of La Llorona. Enjoy!

ISBN: 9781603101868 1603101861 Publication Date: 05/01/2008

 Sofia's Lobo - Lauren Blades

 Overall rating: 5 HEARTS! 5HEARTS.gif

Sofia Tijerina is the host of the television show This Old Haunted House and she's returned to her old stomping grounds of Juarez, Mexico. She hopes to capture the area's local legend, La Llorona, on film for her show. While it's a heart-breaking case that took place only a few years ago, it would be fabulous for her ratings. The ghost of a woman who allegedly murdered her children for a lover, then killed herself when he spurned her, supposedly appears each year on the same night -- the anniversary of the deaths. The only thing that could hinder Sofia in her efforts to document this spirit is Antonio Valdes, the lover she left behind in Juarez six years before. She loved Antonio and had him to thank for her career in a way. He was a werewolf, and her first experience in the secret world of the paranormal. Without him, she might never have went after her position on a ghost hunting television program. But now seeing him again brings old wounds to the surface, especially when he's dead set on seducing her. Even more troubling, Sofia discovers a chilling connection between Antonio and the ghost she's there to film. Could Antonio have anything to do with the horrible events of the night the woman and her children died? Sofia's Lobo promises romance and suspense -- and it delivers.

I was absorbed by this tale of lovers reunited beneath the shadow of a horrible night. The characters really came to life for me and the author fleshed them out with so much emotion that I wasn't able to set the story aside until I finished. Everything about Ms. Blades' tale rang true from the snappy dialogue to the depiction of a non-white couple without all the annoying cliches. The sensual scenes were well written and perfectly suited to the two main characters whose genuine love and desire for each other never truly diminished. Equally impressive was the surrounding story of the local ghost and the way the author tied it to her characters in a meaningful way. The resolution of the story was incredibly satisfying and had me smiling through tears. This story and this new author are a wonderful addition to Red Sage and I'll be anxiously looking for more stories from Ms. Blades.


 Sofia's Lobo - Lauren Blades

Sofia hosts a TV show about real life supernatural events called This Old Haunted House. She is back in Juarez, Mexico because of La Llorana, the story of the crying woman of the Rio Grande. The ghost of Maria Suareza is seen walking along the bridge looking in vain for her lost children who it is said, she allegedly murdered for a lover who rejected her when she told him what she had done. In despair she threw herself into the river where she drowned. Sophia hopes to find out exactly who the apparition is and to capture it on film if possible. She runs into Antonio Valdes who had been her lover six years ago. He is a werewolf, and she has him to thank for her success in television. Until her affair with him, she hadn't believed in anything paranormal. He is set on seducing her and wants her back in his life. She is afraid because of the secrets that he kept hidden from her. Sofia while at the bridge experiences a paranormal phenomenon. She sees the ghostly figure of Maria Suareza and she watches while another apparition of a tall man with dark hair appears next to Maria. Who is he? Was he the lover who'd rejected her? Why is he there? Sofia soon discovers a connection between Antonio and the female ghost. Could Antonio be the man responsible for Maria’s death, and the death of her three children?

Lauren Blades writes a beautiful story of romance, mystery, and shape shifter werewolves. I was so caught up in the story that I had to finish it. You are drawn into the plot where the characters are truly in love, and where a ghost is tied in with the tale. This is a sad story, but ends in a satisfying and happy way. I truly recommend Sofia’s Lobo to readers that enjoy reading a good ghost story.

~~~Loretta - Manic Readers Review

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