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Sphinx Revealed - The Sphinx Warriors Series Book 7 - by Christine Murphy
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Category: Paranormal Fantasy, Exotic Locales, Fantasy Heroic, Fantasy Sword and Sorcery, Historical Egyptian
Series: The Sphinx Warriors Series
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Hidden behind the façade of Elder Chloe, Kara has given up everything she wanted in life to protect the Sphinx Warriors and to help them in their fight against the Wraith.  Even in her torment, Kara keeps her identity a secret protecting the Sphinx Warriors until the fateful night Ashlyn and Caleb try to destroy the Dimensional Gate and would have died if not for her.  Not expecting to survive, Kara intervenes saving them from the Gate and in the process is revealed as what she really is – an Ancient. 

Stunned after saving Kara , Raven has more questions than the answers he was seeking.  Inside he is torn between his own distrust of anyone who tries to get near him emotionally and his uncontrollable need to be near Kara.  Finding her weak Raven brings her back to his rooms and discovers that he can transfer Life Power to her and in turn she magnifies it back to him.  With Kara everything in his life that has tormented him fades away and all he wants is to protect her.  The thought breaks him but Raven knows he must help Kara and use his Truth Finder abilities on her. 

Revealed as the seventh Sphinx female, Kara will train with Raven and Eleina so she can be the Center of Power, control the Power Weapon, and destroy the Gate.   Raven will do everything in his power to make her stronger including claiming her and Joining with her.  She is now his Power Mate and he is determined to stand by her side no matter what to protect her both physically and with his inner Sphinx against the Wraith, the Gate, and Turin who has sworn to have her.   

Too soon the Gate opens with a vengeance and the battle is on.  Kara wields the Power weapon and almost perishes from the overload but Raven unleashes his Sphinx and gives her strength.  In the end Kara, Raven, the Sphinx Warriors, and their Power Mates will be victorious destroying the Gate, killing the Wraith, and bringing down the Wraith leader.  Complex 46 celebrates their victory but they will never forget that danger could be just around the corner.  Raven and Kara will have their own private celebration under the stars where she has always wanted to be.  The Sphinx are finally free.

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Hidden from the world under the guise of Elder Chloe, Kara has always dreamed of belonging to someone  but caught up in protecting the Sphinx those dreams had been taken from her until now.  Saved by the one Warrior who trusts no one, Kara is revealed to him for what she is – a half Ancient, half Sphinx with wings of Power.  Conflicted at first, it doesn’t take long and Raven and his inner beast are captured by Kara’s beauty and he will stop at nothing to claim and Join with her both mentally and physically.  In his king sized bed amid red satin sheets and surrounded by flowing silks from an overhead canopy, Raven will make Kara his Power Mate.  His Power will bring her to heights of ecstasy as his energy coats her skin in glittering mystery.  Her wings of Power will surround him and brush against his skin until he shouts her name to the Ancients.  Together they will become one, reach climax, and fly to the stars.  Enjoy!!

To My Readers: Allow your imagination and passion for romance to be captured by the Sphinx Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their need, desire, and love giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior.  In the final explosive book of the Sphinx Warrior Series, Elder Chloe’s true identity is revealed during her fight to save the Sphinx Warriors.  Although she is a direct descendant of the true Ancients, Kara is still new to her abilities and unable to tap into the knowledge, which could save the Warriors and the Earth.  In an attempt to access the truths within her mind she must turn to the one Warrior who has captured her attention from the beginning but who trusts no one and may never be accessible to her on an emotional level.  Still, there is no choice but for Kara and Raven to work together to discover the secrets in Kara’s mind and the information hidden within the Pages of Seven on how to destroy the Gate.  Raven has no intention of trusting anyone including Kara, but from the first time he met her as Elder Chloe, he knew there was something different about her and couldn’t stay away.  Now revealed to him as Kara, he is conflicted about the secrets she keeps but still needs to be near her.  He fights an internal battle to not succumb to her beauty and kindness, but in the long run may find it’s a battle he is willing to lose.  Together, and with the efforts of the entire Sphinx Family, they will stand as one force against the final desperate battle to save their own lives and the existence of the Earth itself. 

About the Author: Traveling throughout the United States and locations throughout the world, I finally found the perfect place to call home and settled down in a small town outside the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Looking out my back lanai, there is a small pond where the wild-life will gather and the flowers bloom in exotic pinks and purples. This is my place of peace and freedom that I have searched for and where my husband and crazy African Gray Parrot, Raider, hang out with me. It’s the place where my creativity runs wild as I spin tales of adventure and passion. I have been writing in my head since I was a teenager and I finally realized I needed to capture these unique characters, civilizations, conflict, passion, and love in writing. To capture the strong, spirited, and powerfully attracted characters and all of their adventures and share it with others who are searching for that very thing to make their lives more exciting. If I accomplish nothing else in life, I hope to share the romantically magical worlds and the lovers that I see with all of the passionate readers out there.

ISBN: 9781603108614 1603108610 Publication Date: 10/2014
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