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Sphinx Tempted - The Sphinx Warriors Series Book 6 - by Christine Murphy
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Category: Paranormal Fantasy, Exotic Locales, Fantasy Heroic, Fantasy Sword and Sorcery, Historical Egyptian
Series: The Sphinx Warriors Series
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Indulge your fantasy in the adventures of the Sphinx Warriors where the breathtakingly handsome Warrior Caleb craves the one woman whose touch brings out his desire and untested Powers. Ashlyn’s and Caleb’s lives collide sensually and explosively as they fight to prove themselves and speed into a head long confrontation with the invading enemy.

Ashlyn has always known she was different from others with her unique ability of drawing energy.  Those special skills prove deadly as her mother is killed and from then on her life is a nightmare as she is held prisoner within the walls of The Foundary.  She eventually escapes and is found by Elder Chloe who convinces her to come to Complex 46.  Even with a new life, Ashlyn is frustrated with her own existence especially after a dangerous mission goes wrong and she ends up with a bullet lodged at the base of her spine. 

Caleb discovers Ashlyn is injured and rushes down to find her injured and helpless and he knows he must help her or she will die. The instant Caleb touches her everything changes for both of them and Ashlyn’s gifts come to life revealing her as a Power Keeper.  Caleb’s Power Phasing abilities explode to life allowing him to save her.  Together they will learn to use their new Powers and abilities as a team and Ashlyn will learn how to overcome her fears of intimacy with Caleb showing her the way. 

Ashlyn will have to take on the responsibility of Power Keeper and Caleb and her will have to go on a death defying mission with the Warriors.  During the mission Caleb is terribly injured protecting her and Ashlyn will do anything to save his life.  Using every Power Keeper ability within her and the powerful love she feels for him she Joins with him.  When Caleb realizes what she has done in saving him he is humbled and can’t help loving her even more than he already does.  He will take her to the next level of passion completing the Joining she has started.

The Warriors will plan for the next battle and the Sphinx women will try and decode the final Page of Seven.  Too late they realize Turin has opened the Gate and trapped the Warriors.  Unable to reach them Ashlyn and the women will have to defend Complex 46 on their own alongside the Guardians Elite.  When all seems lost Ashlyn will make a last ditch effort to use her abilities and destroy the Gate.  She is not prepared for the power of the Gate and only Caleb and Elder Chloe will be able to save her and help seal the Gate buying them more time until the next battle.
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Ashlyn’s normal impulse around others is to fight or go into flight but with Caleb everything changes.  His first touch brings to life not only her Powers but incredible needs she will not be able to resist.  She will take him to the secret Egyptian baths hidden within the Complex and bathe him as the servants of ancient times did.  His incredible physique will be for her eyes and her eyes alone.  Each nuance of muscle and raw sensual manhood will be for her hands to explore with the soothing bubbles and within the flowing waters.  Caleb may let Ashlyn have her way with him in the hidden baths but he is even more interested in the hidden mysteries of her body.  He will explore every inch of her and show her what it means to be truly Joined.  Enjoy!!

To My Readers:

Let your imagination be captured one again in the domain of the Sphinx Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their need, passion, and love giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior.  The next mesmerizing sixth book in the Sphinx Warrior Series tempts you with the life of Ashlyn and her difficult past and the desire to be a part of the Sphinx family.  Trust is an issue for her as she has been hurt in the past and must come to grips with her fears.  Tempted to run and with her past suddenly crashing in on her new life, Ashlyn must decide to stay and fight or leave the life behind which she truly craves.  Literally running head on into Caleb, the youngest of the Warriors with challenges of his own, Ashlyn is drawn to him by the realization that together they can learn their true purpose and Powers which have been suddenly revealed.  She is still challenged in her trust, but she wants nothing more than to completely succumb to her passion for Caleb.   Caleb has no intention of ever letting Ashlyn go now that he has her and will do anything to keep her even when their ultimate fate seems to be drawing them into a head long confrontation with the invading enemy.
ISBN: 9781603108607 1603108602 Publication Date: 09/2014
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