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Sultry Southern Nights - by Elle LeBeau
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Category: Erotic Romance, Erotica BDSM, Capture & Bondage, Taboo, Historical American, Noir
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Sultry Southern Nights is an historical, highly erotic and romantic story set in 1858-1860 Charleston, South Carolina and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a noir tale in which the heroes struggle to conquer their inner demons and overcome their enemies. Beth Ashley’s huge, tortured eyes still haunt Rafe LaRue as he recalls the announcement of his betrothal to Amanda Hamilton. Marrying an heiress allows him to save his plantation and position in 1858 Charleston society. But at what cost? Enraged that Rafe cannot quell is obsession with Beth, Amanda acquires forged papers proving Beth to be an octoroon, arranges Beth’s kidnapping, and lends her to Geoffrey Mandeville as his love slave. To her great shame, Beth finds herself submitting to her captor’s relentless seductions and lascivious demands. She hates Geoffrey. How can her body betray her so completely? Rafe believes Beth is dead. Only months later does he learn the depths of Amanda’s perfidy when she brings Beth into their household as her personal slave. Beth convinces Rafe of her innocence and that he will find proof of her heritage in the Ashley family Bible, now in the possession of her former mammy in Philadelphia. Will Rafe be able to find the Bible and prove that Beth has no black blood that would condemn her as a slave? Will Beth be able to escape Geoffrey and his heavily-guarded house? Will she be able to move beyond her trauma? Will Amanda and Geoffrey escape retribution for their evil actions? Sultry Southern Nights is a gripping, spell-binding tale of sex, violence and love.

Reader Alert!  Held captive as an octoroon love slave, Beth, a stunning blonde debutante in antebellum Charleston, finds, to her shame, that she is unable to quell her body’s intense responses to her captor’s relentless and heated seductions. Caution: This book is hot! And explicit!

To My Readers: This Story Has It All: Love, Sex, Violence, Treachery, Vengeance And Bravery. Rafe Loves Beth But Marries The Heiress, Amanda, To Save His Plantation. Amanda, Furious That Rafe Cannot Forget Beth, Forces Her Attorney To Forge Documents That Prove Beth An Octoroon Slave. Beth’s Innocence Is Shattered When Subjected To Geoffrey’s Forced Seductions That Leave Her Aroused And Shamed. Beth Promises Herself She Will Escape. Rafe Is Frantic To Find And Free Beth. Follow Beth, Rafe, Amanda And Geoffrey On Their Compelling, Desperate Journeys To Fulfill Their Own Desires.

About the Author: It seems as though Elle has always wanted to write. A voracious reader, one night several years ago she dreamed the continuation of a paragraph she had been reading before bed. When it happened a second time, she decided someone was trying to tell her something. She sat down at the computer, started writing and hasn’t stopped since.

Her dream is to live by the ocean where she can always see and hear the crashing waves as she writes the novels she so loves to write. Elle lives with her husband, a White German Shepherd, and a white English Setter in Tennessee. She has three adult children of whom she is very proud.

ISBN: 9781603108751 1603108750 Publication Date: 03/2015
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