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The Horse List - The Horse List Series Book 1 - by Anna Lores
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Category: Contemporary Erotica, Ménage à trios', Romantic Mystery Suspense & Thriller, BDSM,Fiction and Literature
Series: The Horse List Series
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Recently divorced from an abusive husband still intent to control her life, Ava Black has two weeks before she moves back to her conservative hometown to start her life over.

Encouraged by her best friend, she resurrects the wish list she started as a young girl when her number one desire was her very own horse. Over the years, The Horse List had become a mature list of her most erotic sexual fantasies and a symbol of her rebirth as an independent woman. She can complete some of the items alone, but not everything. She needs a sexually experienced partner with resources and the connections to places she’s only dreamed of going. 


Could the handsome and wealthy artist Eric North be the partner she seeks? Will her drive to complete the list be enough to overcome her fear of him discovering the scars left from years of abuse? Will Eric protect her from her ex-husband, or will she go home with her unrequited love, Brady Ross, and give up her one chance to complete The Horse List? 


Reader Alert! Ava explores the depths of her passion and embarks on a personal journey to fulfill the dark sexual fantasies of her personal Horse List. For most of the list, one sexual partner is required, but for one special evening, she’ll need a third. Be warned: Reading The Horse List will ignite the fire inside you, compelling you to seek out your own Eric North – and the pulse pounding, heart-stopping release that is sure to follow.


To My Readers: So many women feel like they’re losing control of their lives. Ava Black is already there. Follow her down her redemption path to regain control of her sexuality and independence through her Horse List – a personal inventory of naughty fantasies. In the first of the trilogy, she breaks free from her abusive ex-husband, falling into the arms of the kind of epic love she’s longed for her entire life.  Independently wealthy Eric North is everything she’s craved in a man -- handsome, strong, loving and caring.  Ava gets lost in his glorious and overpowering sexual heat as he helps her explore her innermost desires, but is Eric truly the one? Is he strong enough to break the destructive bonds of her menacing ex?


About the Author:  Anna Lores, an avid romance reader, started writing romance as a by-product of insomnia. After a year of late night reading, she decided to write a romantic novel of her own. She “borrowed” her son’s laptop after he went to bed each night, and set about breathing life to her very own characters. After a month of writing every night, her husband surprised her with a new laptop of her own to pursue her dreams. With a B.A. in English Literature and a desire to fill her world with wonderful stories she and her friends could not just talk about, but gush over, she shed the job as Mom of three in the late night hours and assumed her alter ego of dirty girl.

ISBN: 9781603100199 1603100199 Publication Date: 06/2015
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