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The Inventor's Wife - by Heather Massey
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Category: Erotic Romance, Science Fiction Steampunk, Clockpunk Romance, Forbidden Romance; Love Triumphs Against The Odds
Length: Novella 
MSRP/List Price: $3.75
Our Cover Price: $3.29
Available Format: eBook  

Elena Harrington's widowed father rules her life with an iron fist. Even worse, he intends to force her into a loveless marriage in order to expand his business empire. An innocent bird trapped in a gilded cage, she can do naught but daydream about an adventurous life forever out of reach.

Elena resigns herself to a doomed existence until the day she meets her father's dashing new employee. Daniel Miller is a brilliant inventor who crafts extraordinary devices. His astonishing machines fill her with delight. What else might this mysterious inventor have in store?

Determined to find out, Elena begins visiting Daniel's workshop in secret. One hot, sultry night, he awakens her passion with all manner of sensual clockwork devices. Elena is certain she's discovered her soul mate. Then an unexpected danger threatens to derail not only their burgeoning romance, but also their very lives.

Reader Alert! Lock the doors and loosen your drawers because you're about to experience an erotic adventure in forbidden romance, kinky clockwork sex toys, and a delightfully dark twist on the Happily Ever After.


To My Readers: Thanks so very much for your interest in The Inventor's Wife!


About the Author:  Heather Massey is a lifelong fan of science fiction romance. She searches for sci-fi romance adventures aboard her blog, The Galaxy Express, and is the Releases Editor at Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly, a free SFR digital magazine for readers. She writes about the genre for Heroes & Heartbreakers and Coffee Time Romance. Additionally, her articles have been featured in Germany's LoveLetter magazine and at sites like SF Signal, Dear Author, and Tor.com.

She’s also an author. Her stories will entertain you with fantastical settings, larger-than-life characters, timeless romance, and rollicking action. So sit back, relax, and pour yourself a cup of space java as the stories unfold. You deserve it.

When Heather’s not reading or writing, she’s watching cult films and enjoying the company of her husband and daughter.

ISBN: 9781603100618 160310061X Publication Date: 2017
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