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The Shaman’s Beacon - by RM Brand
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Category: Action & Adventure,  Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves, Women’s Fiction
Length: Novel 100K+
MSRP/List Price: $8.50
Our Cover Price: $5.50
Available Format: eBook  

Linda Menendez vacations to Lander, Wyoming and meets Clayton McIntyre, a Texas cowboy who insists he’s a werewolf. He’s a shaman too, complete with a talisman. She ain’t buying it, until that woo-woo turns into whoa-whoa when she sees a wolf being skinned alive. And not just any old wolf, a werewolf. Despite the implications of that, she won’t sit idly by while their corpses are dumped around the small town in Wyoming she’s fallen in love with. She’ll fight back no matter what it takes, but Clayton doesn’t like that one bit. He’ll hog tie her to keep her safe. But then who will keep him safe?

Clayton recognizes his true mate, Linda, the moment they meet. The picture she carries around is him in wolf form, though she refuses to believe it. He mates with her, bonding her to him, and takes her on a shamanic journey to help her accept who she is and the truth about him. But Linda is one very stubborn woman, especially when she decides to take on the pack’s enemies, including a militia led by a fanatic half-blood intent on skinning weres into extinction. No matter how much Clayton tries to convince her that she can trust him, the woman keeps putting herself in harm’s way. If he can’t get her to slow down she’ll end up in the scrap pile right along with him.

Reader Alert! : Sex with a werewolf is pretty intense, but sex with a werewolf shaman who knows all of Linda’s secret pleasure spots is mind blowing. Hold onto your hat, because this ride is going to get wild once the cowboy’s fangs come out and he releases her inner alpha. 

To My Readers: Clayton McIntyre was the answer to a burning question, “What would a loving and nurturing werewolf be like?” Male werewolves are generally violent, aggressive, and severe. Clayton is the antithesis of the stereotypical werewolf. Sure, he can be a mean hombre when provoked, but his good nature and gentle manner heals even the deepest wounds of the heart. That’s precisely what Linda needs.

As a pack shaman, Clayton gets all the perks of being an alpha without the worries that come with it. That gives him the freedom to practice his craft unabated. He doesn’t limit his treatments to weres only. He reaches out to all with a level of humanity rarely seen in humans or immortals. That’s because he sees the best in people, especially the woman he loves. Things don’t generally faze him, except when Linda decides to take on the pack’s enemies. That brings out the wolf, which leads him to hurt her worse than anything anyone has ever done. It’ll take more than shamanic healing to get her to forgive him and even more to forgive himself. This book is about the healing power of love and what it takes inside each of us to find it.

ISBN: 9781603106634 1603106634 Publication Date: 09/2011
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