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The Zen Lounge - by A.C. Melody
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Category: Science Fiction Futuristic, Mystery & Detective
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Welcome to the Zen Lounge, twenty-one floors of customizable carnal pleasures to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Even in the year 2192, it shouldn't exist but Voryk Kade simply couldn't ignore the urge to take a closer look. What he finds is a woman bent on ruining everything he'd ever believed to be true. She holds the key to all of Voryk's darkest, neediest desires and despite her silence, provides the proof behind his belief that there is something far seedier going on under the high-end gloss of professional eroticism.

Enlisting the help of his closest friends, Voryk's only goal is to keep Nexlana safe, naked and his. Unfortunately, she was already someone's favorite pet and when Master comes calling, it’s with a vengeance and the intent of never letting her slip away again. Haunted pasts continue to resurface, only Nexlana's might be far deadlier than any of them could have guessed—connections between her, arson, an assassination and a cold case no one ever wanted to delve into again. To stop the worst case scenario from taking place, they must finally figure out just who in the hell the Master really is.  

Reader Alert!  It was exquisitely brutal, the  pleasure that this one mysterious goddess of sensuality could deliver, and now Voryk Kade was a man seduced, his wicked appetite left gluttonous for another taste. Sizzle Alert! Experiencing a reputed playboy finally meeting his match may have scandalizing results!

To My Readers:  It is nearly indescribable, the surreal thrill of being able to sit down and write this introduction to you.  I want to thank you, so very much, for giving my voice a chance.  I couldn't think of a better story to become my first published work than The Zen Lounge.  It truly is a tale about the many facets of human nature and how, no matter what choices we make, we're all just striving to find that connection with someone else.  Voryk Kade certainly doesn't make friends easily, so it’s no wonder that his true love will have to be a remarkable woman who not only has the power to turn his world on its ear, but then have the gall to make him yearn for more.  Through a haunted past and friends that have a nasty habit of being a little too honest sometimes, Voryk's desire-driven life might just lead him to a place he'd already deemed out of his reach.  I really hope you enjoy the character driven plot of this book.  They are, to me, vibrantly real in all of their dimensions, whether it’s their witty remarks, tough love or most importantly, Gryph's beloved metaphors.

About the Author: A.C. Melody lives in Washington State, is the proud mom of two amazing sons – okay, so they're typical boys and always keep her on her toes!  Stemming from a family of artists and musicians, she thrives in all things creative and would call a day without her MP3 player and coffee a day of reckoning.  When she's not writing, reading, drawing or cheering on the sidelines at football games, A.C. Also enjoys gardening, which has honed her ability to dodge raindrops into an enviable skill.

ISBN: 9781603108669 1603108661 Publication Date: 11/2014


The Zen Lounge A.C. Melody 3 stars
The Zen Lounge takes place in a well- established futuristic society that’s a cross between Blade Runner and a bordello. It’s so well formed that I found myself wondering if there was a novel before this that I missed. It throws the reader in with very little explanation, which is a little daunting, and has some very dark moments that allude to sexual abuse. The romance is a bright spot though, and the sex shows how some darkness can lead to the light. This is great for those readers who crave some sci-fi in their romance, but they’ll have to deal with potentially playing catch up with the world building.
SUMMARY: Voryk Kade uses his vast wealth to live the life of a billionaire playboy. His rare acts of charity serve as a buffer to protect him from the guilt of his sister’s death and his wealth helps keep people at arm’s length. When a business rival tempts him into his pleasure house, the Zen Lounge, Voryk expects only to find information to take him down. But the woman he meets in the Lounge, Nexlana, is mute. Her presence opens a Pandora’s box of mysteries, along with the unexpected possibility of redemption.

RT Mary Bennings

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