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There Came A Killing Frost - by Selah March
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Category: Capture and Bondage, Futuristic, Time Travel, Western
Length: Novelette'
MSRP/List Price: $3.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Time-traveler. Cowboy. Assassin. Kit Frost has been all three, and more, but he's never stooped to slave running, and he doesn't intend to start now. So he announces when he arrives in a brothel to collect his cargo, only to be handed the drugged body of beautiful Lourdes Carterro. But Lourdes isn't a slave. She's a trained sexual submissive in thrall to a wealthy and powerful man. Her escape attempt may have failed, but she isn't so submissive that she's ready to give up. She'll use her skills to lull Kit, to make him think she's weak and easily controlled, and then she'll find her way to freedom. Before long, Kit's worn leather belt has strapped Lourdes to the bed, and she's begging for his rough touch. But Kit finds new ways to torture her with pleasure, and soon she wonders ... can she run away if running away means leaving Kit behind?

To My Readers: Despite its futuristic setting and hot scenes of “capture and bondage,” There Came A Killing Frost is really just a story about a man who finds himself lost in a time not his own and the woman who comes to trust and love him despite herself. I hope you enjoy reading about Kit and Lourdes as much as I enjoyed creating them. Selah March

ISBN: 9781603101981 1603101985 Publication Date: 06/01/2008

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Lourdes Carterro is the property of brutal landowner, Thierry DuSourde. She wants freedom. After years of abuse, Lourdes resorts to desperate measures. Circumstances place her in the hands of a vicious madam that hands her over to DuSourde’s hire, Kit Frost. Lourdes desires him, not caring that Kit is known as “Killing Frost.” He’s jagged and sharp enough to cut into a trained submissive like Lourdes, who enjoys a little pain with her pleasure. Kit just might be the means to her escape, and Lourdes plans on using everything in her sexual arsenal to convince him to let her go.

Kit Frost made a vow that has left him cold. No one believes he’s truly from the past, a real cowboy. The only thing he has is his memories and current reputation as a ruthless killer. Lourdes tempts him. If he gives in to her, their lives are on the line. He’s a starving man who’s all too willing to feast on Lourdes.

There Came a Killing Frost was so enjoyable that I didn’t want to put it down. Kit and Lourdes were amazing together, sheer electricity and dynamite. Ms. March has done a great job in rounding them out by developing these characters with credible intensity. I can tell this author has feelings for the people and world she’s created. Kit’s character made me fall in love with cowboys again. I stopped gravitating towards westerns unless they’re the old school spaghetti films. Placing the old west into the future with Kit and Lourdes, adds freshness.

Lourdes is tough and unspoiled despite her sordid life. She’s a realist and I appreciate what she’s willing to sacrifice for Kit, and vice versa. I was glad that they got to fly off into the sunset together.

I Joyfully Recommend There Came a Killing Frost for its strong visual writing and sharp dialogue. The sex scenes burn hotter than a furnace, the villains would fit right in with Lee Van Cleef, and no one would remember Clint Eastwood after taking a turn with Kit Frost.


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