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Through the Darkness - Lara Martin #2 - by D. Van Heest
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Category: Mystery Suspense, Women's Fiction
Series: Lara Martin Series
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.99
Our Cover Price: $4.25
Available Format: eBook  

Thanksgiving has come to the south and Lara hopes to spend a relaxing holiday with her family but her sister makes an unexpected announcement that changes everything. Renee had given a baby up for adoption. Thrown into an emotional tailspin, Lara must grapple with her own feelings over being adopted while helping Renee prepare for the sudden and unforeseen visit from the daughter she gave up seventeen years ago. Through it all Lara has Brian, the dark handsome police detective that entered her life so unexpectedly, but their relationship hangs in the balance. The happiest time of year becomes a nightmare when Lara leaves, unable to accept the love he’s offering. Brian has little time to consider it as he and Detective Ballard are on the hunt again this time for a serial killer. Solid evidence links a suspect to two murders and a kidnapping but not everything is as it seems and while Lara struggles through her own darkness Brian must find his way through an intricate web of lies before the killer strikes again.

Reader Alert!  I am pleased to release the third book in the Lara Martin series, Into Twilight. Lara and Brian ring in the New Year together. The New Year is a new beginning and the second chance at life Lara has always hoped for. But as some journeys begin others end and she finds her best friend from high school has just attempted suicide. Lara goes to her without realizing the danger Frankie was trying to escape is very real and waiting in her hometown. Can she face Frankie’s fears or will her friend be forever lost in twilight?

In Brownsboro, there is a killer on the loose. His attacks are random and his victims are piling up. Is the psychopath hiding among A&M campus residents or college student himself? Along with Detective Julie Kinkella and a cast of intriguing characters they must find their respective killers before they can strike again.

To My Readers: The Lara Martin series is semi-autobiographical dealing with personal experiences that I have overcome.  Personalities of my main characters are based on people I know who have guided me, given me strength and sometimes grief but overall help Lara overcome self doubts to realize her full potential. 

About the Author: Deborah Van Heest was born 6 November 1970. She is an American author.  Her first novel, “Secret of the Kings” is fantasy published in 2010.  She recently completed the second book in the three book series, Lara Martin.  The series starts off with “One Step Closer” that leads into “Through the Darkness” then “Into Twilight”.  This mystery/romance novels starts off true to life, dealing with real issues like divorce, separation, adoption and suicide and she incorporates a brilliant and cloying list of characters that round off her first series in true mystery fashion. "

ISBN: 9781603100137 160310013X Publication Date: 04/2015
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