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Torn - by K.D. King
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Category: Science Fiction, Science Fiction Space Opera
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $5.50
Our Cover Price: $3.49
Available Format: eBook  
Description: Anaria Okam breathes war. She lives for vengeance. Wekari, an enemy planet, took the most precious thing from her –her mother. Though her mother lives in body, she is broken in spirit. Since the time Anaria could understand words, her father, ruler of the planet Loden, instilled in her the need to seek vengeance and destroy Wekari.

While trading goods on the neutral planet of Atlzo she spots the enemy, Marshall Kalil Umba, leader of the Wekarian armies. Seizing an opportunity, she follows him. As she gets close to him, her body lights with need. Then the embers of desire cause her whole body to glow.

Kalil, of the space ship Destruction has finally found his mate. He realizes she is a warrior from the enemy planet of Loden. He captures her. Now he must make her trust him, love him, and leave everything she has ever known.

To My Readers,

I was sitting home thinking how great it would be if we somehow just KNEW who was meant for us. No weeding, just some sign. Knowing my penchant for ignoring the obvious, I felt it should be something even I couldn’t refute. I envisioned the caveman days. A club, a knock over the head, a quick drag to the cave, and presto, you know. Well since I write romance, I knew I couldn’t start a story “Fear swarmed Anaria as she watched the club descend. The blackness quickly followed...” So I promptly ixnayed that idea.

We ignore our body’s physical responses. A quickened breath, the pitter patter of our heart, perked nipples, a pulsing sensation. We’ve been known to let our minds override the desires of our body and our heart. But a heat so intense that you actually glow, now that no one could ignore or contest.

Welcome to Wekari and the joys of being a Wekarian’s mate. Even with such a glowing sign, nothing is ever simple. The Orden galaxy has been at war for 29 years. Anaria and Kalil are enemies. Their allegiances, histories, and loyalties are different. I wanted to see if they would actually fall in love or would Anaria kill him before she got the chance. Of course, it’s a romance so we all know the answer. But it was fun writing it to see where it would go.

ISBN: 9781603105859 1603105859 Publication Date: 12/2010
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