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Triple Threat ~ Three Kinds of Wicked Series ~ Book 5 - by Mia Varano
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Category: Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Menage a trois
Series: Three Kinds of Wicked
Length: Novelette
MSRP/List Price: $5.50
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  

Vegas showgirl, Brandy Tate, is on the run from the mob and the FBI. When stoic FBI agent, Ridge Coltrane, tracks her down he puts them both in danger until a mysterious stranger named Trey rescues them. Brandy opens her heart…and her bed…to both men. Will her desire to trust end in heartache, or will it introduce her to a world of seductive delights at the hands of two men?


To My Readers: Your mother always told you to beware of strangers, but Trey is not just any stranger. Welcome (once again) to Trey’s world where love and seduction heal all and pave the path for Trey’s redemption. In this story, Trey brings together two people who have lost their way and he shows them how to love again. So the next time you encounter a tall, dark stranger on the side of the road…maybe you should listen to your mother.

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ISBN: 9781603103824 1603103821 Publication Date: 11/01/2009

Triple Threat by Mia Varano

Triple Threat by Mia Varano
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Paranormal
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 cherries

Vegas showgirl, Brandy Tate, is on the run from the mob and the FBI. When stoic FBI agent, Ridge Coltrane, tracks her down he puts them both in danger until a mysterious stranger named Trey rescues them. Brandy opens her heart…and her bed…to both men. Will her desire to trust end in heartache, or will it introduce her to a world of seductive delights at the hands of two men?

She’s not about to testify against a member of organized crime, unless Ridge has anything to say about it. He’s not ready to accept his desire for her, unless Brandy takes things into her own hands—with a bit of divine help. Read Triple Threat to find out the whole story.

Ms. Varano writes a sweeping story that captivates the reader from page one. You can’t put this story down. Although it’s a bit difficult to keep the characters straight in the early goings, once you get to the meat of the story, you see it’s best that way.

The antagonist is everything you want in a bad guy. He’s done something awful and wants nothing more than to cover his own buns.

Now this story involves three people. To heal the hurt between Ridge and Brandy, we meet the elusive Trey. He’s shown up in a few other stories, but his presence makes the story complete. Ridge, though and FBI agent, has lost a lot in his life – a special person he guarded and his wife. He’s got a thick layer of steel around his heart. Even though he’s hurting and a little angry, you want to help him get past his mistakes and be the hero he needs to be. I like Brandy as the heroine. She comes across a little helpless and weepy at times, but once you learn her story, you want to see her succeed. The readers can identify with her hardships and her determination. And what’s better than a heroine determined to be with her man?

The love scenes in this story steam and sizzle. As you see the hurt subside and become desire, you feel the passion burning between Ridge and Brandy. Trey’s motivation becomes clear and you root for him to find his happily ever after as he helps the couple mend their broken hearts and spirits.

If you want a story that will stay with you long after you close the screen, then you need to read Triple Threat. This is a tale you won’t want to miss. I give it 4 cherries.

Reviewed by Tiger Lily ~~ Whipped Cream Reviews

Triple Threat  Mia Varano   

Genre(s): Paranormal (Rom) - A Night Owl Romance Review, Spicy - A Night Owl Romance Review, Ménage

Brandy Tate is on the run. She’s fleeing Las Vegas and there are a couple of men who are looking for her. She witnessed a crime that mobster Vinnie “The Voice” Caprese would really not like the authorities to know about which is fine except she’s already told the FBI. The FBI guaranteed her safety and that no one would know her identity but it was leaked to the press, which causes Brandy to flee. What she didn’t expect to do is run out of gas just two hours out of Vegas! Even more shocking though is when she opens the truck of her car to find a large man folded up in it!
Agent Ridge Coltrane just knew Brandy was going to run and decided to go with her without his superior’s knowledge. He just wants to keep Brandy safe. He had a previous witness that was killed while in protective custody and he wasn’t going to let it happen again. Running out of gas miles from anywhere wasn’t on the agenda and they could pretty much guarantee that Caprese’s men were close behind them. While figuring out if walking 40 miles to the next town or waiting for someone to drive by was the best option, a motorcycle pulls over and the rider offers to help.
Trey pulled over wanting to help but is met with Ridge being extra cautious. How do they know that Trey isn’t with Caprese? After a quick pat down at gunpoint by Ridge and a little arousal, Trey takes Brandy on his bike to head for a small community off the beaten path. Ridge starts walking in the correct direction when a car appears.
Ridge and Brandy were right in worrying about Caprese’s men being behind them. Things start to really heat up with a car chase, a bit of fire and a lot sexual desire that is ready to ignite. Brady has to trust someone in this life and death situation but does she dare? Added tension is not need either, so how will these three get rid of it?
This is a quick erotic romp through the desert with a lot of danger around every curve. I found the sexual scenes extremely well done. They not only titillate the characters but the reader as well. Not much is off limits as Ridge, Trey and Brandy figure out how to keep everyone alive as they explore each other.
This story has two stories going on at once. The most obvious is Brandy running from Caprese and the FBIs involvement in prosecuting him. The other is concerning Trey and his mission of bringing together couples. I did not realize that Trey had his own story going on until I was finished with the book. Apparently this is one story in a series of stories revolving around Trey and his mission.
There is not a lot of depth to this story. Most of the “action” is sexual in nature with over half the book being part of one sex scene or another. The rest is brief scenes to hold the basic story together. Brandy is the most developed character and she gives a bit of why she isn’t too thrilled with the FBI but little concerning her current life or how she lives.
I found the sex stimulating but the story part lacking.   Overall, it wasn't a bad little story and if you're wanting hot sex with hotter guys, this might be your book.
~~ Terrie ~ Night Owl Reviews

Triple Threat by Mia Varano    

Three Kinds of Wicked Series, Book 5

e-Red Sage

Paranormal Erotic Romance, Ménage à Trois

ISBN: 978-1-60310-382-4

Brandy Tate is a woman running for her life.  After witnessing a murder by Vinnie “The Voice” Caprese, she knows he's after her to silence her.  She must get away from Las Vegas as quickly as possible, because there's no way she'd go into The Witness Protection program.  When her car stalls after her quick exit on a deserted stretch of road, she is shocked to discover the FBI agent assigned to her case hiding in her trunk.  He plans to talk her into returning with him so she can testify, but Brandy wants no part of that.  Even though Ridge Coltrane attracts her like no other, she still refuses to return with him back to Las Vegas.  However, fate has other plans for them both as they are rescued off the road by a Harley driving dark angel.  Trey is mysterious, extremely sexy, and has a painful past.  Trey helps Brandy and Ridge find what they want and what they need from each other.

Triple Threat is sexy, touching and exciting!  I got a little confused with how quick Brandy got intimate with Trey, but in the end it really worked out great for the three of them.  The characters are well written and the other secondary characters, although few, are also.  The storyline hooked me from the start and with each new paragraph I couldn't wait to read more. Trey is one mystery I can't wait to read more about.

~~ Reviewed by Klarissa ~~ JoyfullyReviewed    

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