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Veiled Fantasies - by Anna Lowe
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Category: Contemporary Romance
Series: Travel Romance Series
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $4.45
Our Cover Price: $3.99
Available Format: eBook  
Description: All Jill Bowen wants is to get back home after a disappointing vacation. But when a “quick transfer” in Dubai goes awry, she is stranded in the Middle East, alone. Well, not quite alone. Complications never listed in her flight plan – not even the fine print – pair Jill with a handsome man with a ghost-ridden past. He is a perfect stranger – and seemingly perfect in every other way, too. But why does he bury himself in work? Why carry a photograph of a family that's not his own? Slowly, as Jill and Erik come out of their respective shells, they discover a fascinating blend of ancient and modern in the streets of Dubai – and awaken to an intense passion that each had long since given up hope for. Just an innocent fling between two people thrust outside their comfort zones? Or dare they wish for more?

Reader Alert! Veiled Fantasies is a sweet travel romance that doesn’t stop shy of erotic fulfillment, with a dose of danger and action as the story builds. Exciting and varied love scenes are described in explicit language; the emphasis is on the building passion between one woman and one man. No kink, no bondage, “just” a good workout and a lot of fun!

To My Readers: Travel can be a nightmare, except when it's a dream. Jill Bowen gets a little of both on her unplanned stopover in mesmerizing Dubai – a city that's equal parts shiny-modern and gritty-ancient. Jill is a down-to earth heroine doing her best just to get by when she gets stranded in the Middle East. She's independent, capable, and gutsy, even if she has some issues with relationships gone wrong and a runaway imagination that sometimes gets the better of her. So she's not quite ready to trust her own judgment when it comes to the handsome stranger she falls for along the way. Is Erik just a fantasy – or the real thing? Should this marathon runner dig in her heels or do what she does best – run, run, run? I had a lot of fun turning my own real-life stranding in Dubai into a spicy love story – a story to sweep you out of your every day routine and into a whole different world.

ISBN: 9781603100427 1603100423 Publication Date: 12/2015
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