Wynter Daniels began making up stories as soon as she could speak. She started working on her first novel, a mystery, in college. But she soon realized the collegiate life involved way more than books, so she spent the rest of her time there partying. When the writing bug bit her again years later, she tried her hand at many different fiction genres from Young Adult to comedy, but found her niche with writing erotic romance. Now married with two nearly grown children and two spoiled cats, she writes full time. She sincerely hopes her stories are as much fun for you to read as they were for her to write. You can find her on the web at: www.DaraEdmondson.com, www.SlaveToRomance.Blogspot.com and on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace as DaraEdmondson.
You can find her
on the web here
www.DaraEdmondson.com www.SlaveToRomance.Blogspot.com Twitter, Facebook and MySpace as DaraEdmondson
by Dara Edmondson
Can't Stand The Heat
by Wynter Daniels

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Captured by Dara Edmondson

As disappointing as it is to be stood up again by Walter, Aubrey Brookstone discovers that it may not be such a bad thing that he didn’t show up after all. While she’s debating about what to do with the expensive tickets to a Broadway show she meets an exotically gorgeous man who just happens to really want to see the show as well. Unfortunately the theater is sold out of tickets so it just makes sense for her to allow him to use her extra one. After spending a pleasant evening together Audrey and Milo end up sharing a passionate encounter in his limousine. She assumes that he’ll be taking her home but Milo lets her know he has to swing by his brownstone first. There she’s accosted and drugged. The next thing she knows she’s chained to a bed aboard a private plane.

Confused and angry Audrey demands to know where she’s being taken and why – and she’s definitely not happy with the answer she receives. Milo is actually the prince of Cazbekistan and he’s decided he wants Audrey as his courtesan therefore he’s taken her – only Audrey isn’t like the women of his country and doesn’t view his methods of securing her as a lover as acceptable behavior. She wants to return home but Milo isn’t going to give her up without a fight. He strikes a bargain with her just to appease her– if she hasn’t come to him by his thirtieth birthday then he’ll let her go and give her one hundred thousand dollars to reestablish her business and life. That gives him eight weeks to do everything in his power to seduce her into his bed. Can he pull it off?

Many women fantasize about being rescued and in Dara Edmondson’s CAPTURED that’s exactly what the hero thinks he’s doing. Milo is exactly the sort of man women dream of – rich, handsome, titled and a caring heart. However, he’s also been raised in a culture where ‘kidnapping’ a woman like he has Audrey is acceptable. Audrey is smart enough to know that she does have strong feelings for Milo but knows that she isn’t willing to be his courtesan; she wants to be treated as an equal – not as a servant.

This story is fast paced, thrilling, emotionally charged and even has a bit of suspense that ensures readers will find themselves captivated until the very end – and maybe rethinking that ‘knight on a white horse’ mentality. ~~ Chrissy Dionne ~~ Romance Junkies


Story behind the story” Blog Post

Food has a sensual quality that has always been deeply enmeshed with all things sexual.  This dates way, way back.  Even in biblical days, the comparison was evident: “Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet, and thy speech is comely: thy temples are like a piece of a pomegranate within thy locks.”  (Song of Solomon 4. 1-7)


Actually, cravings for both food and sex come from the same area of the brain.  In Can’t Stand The Heat, both the hero and the heroine are chefs.  They put their heart and soul into their creations and when the heat flares between them, you’ll find all sorts of epicurean additions to their lovemaking.  That particular scene was definitely the most fun love scene I’ve ever written. 


I purposely made my heroine of Italian descent because Italians, much like the French, savor their food, their wine and their lovemaking.  Each of these pursuits plays a role in this story.  I hope it’s as much fun for you to read as it was for me to write.

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