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What He Sacrificed for Her - by Abbey Faith
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Category: Historical Victorian Romance, Family, Spinster, Contention, Misfits
Series: The Ranlyn Series - Book 2
Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $2.99
Our Cover Price: $2.50
Available Format: eBook  
Description: The second oldest of a group of siblings stranger than anything that proper society has seen before, Marley Ranlyn, a lady in every regard, seems to be the least susceptible to getting tricked into doing something. But when a mysterious rogue offers her a deal—marrying her in exchange for using his elevated status to help out her family—she cannot resist. The bookish woman finds a loophole, however. He never told her that they needed to consummate the marriage, so she denies him the one thing that he wanted from her. For years, Phoenix Alden was cheated out of his title by his own father and fosters a grudge that has been broiling for over twenty years. A man who has always lacked true affection, he uses women only for sensuality. But then he senses something in Marley that’s different. To his surprise, he is attracted to her not only physically, but intellectually. The two strong-willed personalities clash, and to some extent, both of them want out of the marriage. But when Phoenix realizes that he doesn’t want to lose her, he makes her another deal—three months to prove that he’ll be faithful, or she can leave. During that time, they bond over their childhoods and their shared interest in literature. But is that enough for them to fall in love?

Reader Alert! Marley Ranlyn would do anything for her family, including marry a rogue. Phoenix Alden, who has been cheated out of his rightful title for years, finally has to take it when Marley needs his elevated status to help out her family. Raised on the streets, Phoenix is worried that people will no longer accept him if he becomes an aristocrat. But seeing an opportunity to make her a deal, Phoenix offers her marriage in exchange for what she wants. Marley, a spinster, and Phoenix, a bachelor who has only ever used women for their bodies, have to figure out how to get along. They bond over similar experiences from their childhoods and a mutual love for literature, but is that enough for them to not only be happy in their marriage, but to fall in love?

To My Readers: What He Sacrificed for Her is a project that required me to step out of my comfort zone. For years, I’ve written stories that have been firmly planted in Victorian England, but for the first time, I took my characters all the way to the Highlands of Scotland. A story about discovering yourself and your place in your family, Phoenix and Marley both deal with a lack of a mother in different ways. I have a mother, and she’s been supportive throughout the years. She’s also not from Scotland, but it’s more fun to have a side character that originates from a place called Balquhidder than Delaware, Ohio. Apologies, Mom. I hope you like my Scottish cat, Simon.

About the Author: Abbey Serena (pen name: Abbey Faith) is publishing her first book at the age of 21 and will always remain in shock. She majored in Creative Writing and specialized in Scientific & Technical Communication. She cultivated a love of history and romance novels after reading Lisa Kleypas, who is her role model. She always hoped to be published at 21, just like Kleypas was. She was involved in eight internships/organizations as she tried desperately to gain experience for a permanent job. She doesn’t know what the future holds, but she is proud of getting her word-child out into the world.

ISBN: 9781603100830 1603100830 Publication Date: 09/2018
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