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Naked Sin - by Brenda Williamson
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Category: Futuristic, Science Fiction
Length: Novella
MSRP/List Price: $5.50
Our Cover Price: $3.50
Available Format: eBook  

When Britt Colquinn’s husband is killed during an ordinary intergalactic cargo run while on the spacecraft, The Chelonian, she has more than one reason to take on the new job as a servitor on the vessel.  Times what they are, money is lean, so besides a roof over her head, she needs to find out whether the ship’s commander is at fault for making her a widow. Only her first meeting with handsome, Ashton “Ly” Lygart raises a different set of questions—how skilful is he in bed, and are his lips as kissable as they look?


Ly hasn’t seen such beauty for a long time, and when he, along with his second in command, Major Crane embark on a torrid sexual threesome with Britt, it’s with the intent of pleasure. He never thought he’d experience jealousy, and finds himself at odds with his feelings over whether or not he can trust that Britt’s not working for his enemy against him. As a smuggler, he should practice caution. As a man, desire takes control.


Will Ly risk his ownership of The Chelonian for love, or will Britt destroy his life?


TO MY READER: In the future, sex continues to be a source of enjoyment for people. For Britt, sex with two men doubles her pleasure, but there’s a little something extra between her and Ly that has the making of a relationship that goes beyond fun. Only her deceptive reason for being onboard Ly’s spacecraft may prove to be too much for him to forgive.



ISBN: 9781603105194 1603105190 Publication Date: 08/2010
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