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Keys to Submission - by Jennifer August
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BDSM, Mystery & Detective, Historical England, Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel
MSRP/List Price: $5.75
Our Cover Price: $4.49
Available Format: eBook  

Sophie Turner, once the most scandalous debutante in Regency London, has only a few weeks to decipher the secrets of a mysterious journal and gain a treasure or lose her isolated country house forever. She never expected the lord next door and an unknown assailant to throw all her plans into chaos, never thought she might lose either her heart or her life.

Lord Ryder Ashford has decided the time is now for him to wed. He knows he’ll need a woman of elegance, refinement and purity. Having resigned himself to a life of vanilla sex and boring conversations, he’s shocked to find the scandalous Sophie Turner catching his eye … and his heart. Together, they will uncover secrets best left alone, embark on a quest for treasure and create a bond steeped in sensual love-making, daring forays into the world of dominance and submission and a love that will defy Society.

Reader Alert!: Sophie Turner is no stranger to scandal but when Lord Ryder Ashford offers her a naughty bargain, she finds herself intrigued and aroused. Soon, he leads her into a world of bondage, submission and delightful spankings.

To My Readers:
I love Ryder Ashford. He’s such a great guy, so charming and unabashed in his adoration of all things female. In fact, he had it a little too easy, I thought. So when I decided to write his story, I found the absolute perfect heroine for him – a woman so tainted by scandal and sex, he couldn’t help fall in love with her.
Sophie and Ryder’s story was a lot of fun to write. Not only did I get to come up with an adventurous sexual scavenger hunt, but I learned a huge secret about one of the recurring characters. In a word, wow. I hope you feel the same!

ISBN: 9781603107440 1603107444 Publication Date: 00/2011
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